Instruction on using our Signals and Recommendations

by @bitcoins_russia
Instruction on using our Signals and Recommendations

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🚀 Signals

Signals on buying coins are the forecasts on increase of the certain cryptocurrencies based on technical and fundamental analysis carried out by our analysts and on the information from provem sources.

BUY - recommended buy price. If the current price is below than recommended one, you should put a limit buy order. And if the current price is above than recommended one, you should not to buy this coin and wait for another signal.

SELL - estimated sell price. You get some options to sell the coin: the higher sell price - the riskier this option. It's recommended to sell the larger part on the first and the second targets (the price reaches these targets nearly always) and leave the remaining part for a sharp price incease.

We give you approximately 10 signals/week and 80-90% of them succeed. Profit for each signal can reach 5-1000%. Прибыль по каждому сигналу составляет от 5% до 1000%. You can find some details in our report. Our signals usually reach the targets after a few days, but sometimes they can be given for a longer perod of time.

It's recommended to invest in each signal not more then 3-5% of your deposit. To prevent losses that can be caused by the sharp changes in the market we recommend you to place Stop-Losses 10-15% below the buy price.

💼 Short-term Portfolio

Also we daily draw up an investment portfolio that consists of 8 the most perspective coins at the moment and share it with you.

Portfolio benefits:

⏰ It's given on a short period of time (up to 3 days). You can find results in our report.

📊 On average, 7 from 8 trade pairs, that are recommended in our portfolio, produce profit


1️⃣ Buy all 8 recommended coins (use not more than 1-3% of your deposit for each coin)

2️⃣ Divide the funds invested in each coin on 2 parts (50%/50%)

3️⃣ Sell the first half when the price reaches 3-7% profit

4️⃣ Sell the remaining part when you Остальное продавайте по своему усмотрению

🔄 Repeat these steps with the next portfolio

According to this strategy, you can stably increase your deposit on 3-7% per day and on 200-300% per month.

Additional recommendations:

  • We recommend to use push-notifications in a TabTrader application so as not to lose the moment when the price reaches the essential level
  • The article for those who are not able to trade on the exchange
  • Our signals and short-term portfolios are only recommendations for trading. They help to reduce the time spended on the market analysis and on the looking for right coins to invest but they don't guarantee that you will get profit
July 24, 2018
by @bitcoins_russia