Ripple достиг 122% продаж

Ripple опубликовала свой отчет о рынках третьего квартала за 2018 год. В отчете объясняется, как Ripple растет как компания и как они рассматривают рынок криптовалютных ресурсов на данный момент.

В третьем квартале 2018 года Ripple продала $ 163 млн. Токенов XRP. Это на 122% больше, чем продажи во втором квартале 2018 года , где они продали XRP всего лишь на 74 млн. Долларов. Несмотря на рост продаж, этот $ 163M составляют всего 0,43% от общего объема XRP. Оставшийся объем торгуется на сторонних биржах...

October 27, 2018
by @bitcoins_russia

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Signals on buying coins are the forecasts on increase of the certain cryptocurrencies based on technical and fundamental analysis carried out by our analysts and on the information from provem sources.

July 24, 2018
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Description of news sources

Cointelegraph — High-tech finance, Bitcoin and blockchain news, analysis and review. 15-20 posts/day 

Bitcoin Magazine — The first magazine on cryptocurrencies. One of the largest magazines in this topic at the moment. Up to 10 posts/day 

CoinDesk — Aggregator of current news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. One of the World’s most popular sites in this topic. 20+ posts/day 

July 20, 2018
by @bitcoins_russia

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July 18, 2018
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Articles about cryptocurrencies

You can find the learning articles on the different topics about cryptocurrencies below. They consist of important information for those who still doesn't know what the cryptocurencies are and how to invest in them.

🔗 What is Blockchain Technology? Here you will find out what the Blockchain Technology is and how it works, what are the benefits and downsides of this technology.

July 17, 2018
by @bitcoins_russia

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is a powerful evaluation tool that can be utilized by any investor before making any investment decision. Whether you’re trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other coin, you should consider adding it to your investment strategy. Employed by investors to interpret momentum signals produced...

July 17, 2018
by @bitcoins_russia
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