Wild Orchid Subic: Get rid of the heat with this refreshing and relaxing resort

Your wish to have a remarkable stay this summer could be easily attained at Wild Orchid Subic. You would easily get used to their service and always feel at ease with how kind and calm the people at the resort were. Guests and visitors from before only have words full of praise and genuine thanks to this hotel because of its outstanding amenities and service.

The staff never gets tired of giving a kind and efficient service to all of the guests and visitors coming to the resort. Each staff member was approachable and patient in dealing with concerns and problems. The staff has a high level of understanding that’s why problems were often solved quickly. You can depend on their skills to help you with your needs. It’s also certain that you would never encounter an ill-mannered staff at Wild Orchid Subic.

There were a lot of fun and adventurous things we can do during the summer season wherein many are also looking forward to a refreshing and relaxing getaway during this time of the year when heat is our mortal enemy. There’s a high possibility that staying at a wonderful resort is included as well on the to-do list of many during this season. And you would never go wrong at Wild Orchid Subic.

Swimming at the hotel’s pool is an ideal choice for getting rid of the summer’s heat. It was huge and clean with trees and plants surrounding the swimming area, making it extra refreshing. There were also nice tables, chairs, and umbrellas beside the pool so you can take a break every once in a while. You need to refill your energy after a nice swim, and the restaurant and bar inside the resort offer delicious foods that could give a boost to your energy levels.

The rooms at Wild Orchid Subic provide the relaxation you’re looking forward to having in a beautiful resort. Each has ample space so that you could move freely and comfortably inside and have a place to put your other stuff. Everything inside the room was nicely cleaned and organized, including the room décor as well.

Experience the pleasant atmosphere at Wild Orchid Subic and create unforgettable summer memories.

March 28, 2018
by Brad Welch

Wild Orchid Resort Angeles: The perfect choice for relaxation

Going to a wonderful resort is perfect especially during this time of the year when summer is getting closer as days passed by. It is certain that you’re looking forward to pampering yourself with only a good relaxation, right? Whether you’re a hardworking student or a dedicated adult, you deserve to relax. And if you’re planning to spend a good time at Angeles City, Pampanga, then you would surely find a lot of attractions and accommodations there, and one of which that’s also worth visiting is the Wild Orchid Resort Angeles.

The resort has this kind of service that everyone appreciates and looks forward to. But why is that? The answer is simple: Wild Orchid Resort Angeles offers quality amenities and benevolent staff service. The skills of the staff often surpass expectations because they are surprisingly quick and efficient in answering the needs of the guests, plus they had good patience in handling pressure in a few difficult situations. They take good care of the overall surrounding of the resort as well, maintaining its cleanliness and order. You will also appreciate how they keep the plants placed around the resort healthy and fresh, and their green color was indeed relaxing to look at.

The pool and its blue color were also beautiful and guarantee your enjoyment once you take a swim. It provides unique features such as its floating cottage that adds to the fun of the guests. It’s perfect for cooling yourself during a hot weather since you mustn’t let heat ruin the fun of your summer.

The rooms at the resort can also please your eyes with how lovely they were. The furniture was of high-quality and beautifully designed, plus the other important things were organized and prepared for you properly so that you’ll only focus on relaxing since all your needs were present. But we can’t avoid little concerns to surface, however, during such time, the staff always acts quickly as possible to create good solutions for the problems. Guests can truly rely on the skills of the staff because they were trained properly.

No matter what your reasons were for going to the resort, be it for a family vacation, friends’ getaway, anniversary, etc. Wild Orchid Resort Angeles can ensure a fun and relaxing stay to all of the guests visiting their resort. Never hesitate in visiting Wild Orchid because you don’t want to miss the chance of creating unforgettable and fun memories at a wonderful resort, right? 

March 12, 2018
by Brad Welch

Wild Orchid Subic: A humble paradise

Wild Orchid Subic has been one of the top choices of many individuals and families in spending their short break or vacation in Subic because the place offers everything they need to have an ideal relaxation at an affordable price, even the local residents can enjoy the excellent relaxation benefits offered by Wild Orchid.

Watch how an expected to be a normal stay would turn out a memorable one. You won’t have any regrets coming to the place because everything was prepared and organized for you, even simply looking around would already give you a content feeling. Since Wild Orchid is on the beach side, you can also take advantage of the relaxing sounds of the waves and the cool wind coming from the ocean.

The rooms were well-maintained and nice, and previous guests find it worth it for the price they paid for. You can rest peacefully and find caring and kind staff wherever you go at the hotel. Wild Orchid Subic is indeed a “humble paradise”. The overall service of the staff was amazing according to lots of previous guests. Moreover, the pool is perfect for any ages, thus the whole family can enjoy it.

Guests also regard the food as incredible, and many specifically love the steak, but worry not, because the hotel offers a variety of foods that everyone would surely like. Wild Orchid knows that having delicious meals is a part of a perfect stay, thus they make sure to serve only the best for their guests.

We know that great hotels like Wild Orchid Subic could be fully booked especially on holidays, so we recommend to book in advance, especially if you’re planning a Christmas vacation with the family. The month of December is where night turns into a sight of glittering lights, and at Wild Orchid, they can also add glitter to your holidays through their brilliant amenities and service.

At the end of your stay, you’ll definitely thank yourself for choosing Wild Orchid Subic to relax. All the comfort and peace you seek from your busy reality can be found here. 

February 28, 2018
by Brad Welch
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