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Sodium Alginate

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Kappa Carrageenan

Gone are the days when buying emulsifier, stabilizer or binder for product or food charged an arm and a leg. If you’re a professional chef in search of high quality kappa carrageenan at reasonable rates, get in touch with Cape Crystal.

Calcium Lactate

Enrich your recipes with the health benefits of calcium by using calcium lactate from Cape Crystal. Best used for reversing Spherification without affecting the flavor of the end product, this powder is soluble in cold liquids and can be used with acidic, high alcohol or fatty mediums.

Vegetarian Gelatin

If looking for vegetarian substitute to gelatin for making panna cotta, mousse or jellies, explore an online store of Cape Crystal for vegetarian gelatin – agar agar. 100% vegan and gluten free, our agar powder is enriched with 80% fiber which is good news for your intestinal health.

Food Thickener

Thicken the food as much needed by maintaining healthy nutritional status with the use of food thickener from Cape Crystal. From Premium kappa carrageenan powder, potassium bicarbonate crystalline powder, calcium chloride to xanthan gum, we offer 4 different kinds of high quality food thickener at moderate costs.

Sodium Alginate

It is worldwide known that whether an ice cream, yogurt, cream, cheese, salad, pudding, jam or tomato juice, they all need a stabilizer and thickener. If you are on the lookout for high quality emulsifier for making any one of the above, switch to sodium alginatefrom Cape Crystal.