Casablanca Hotel: A very good place to witness the difference a stay can make

If you’re planning to have an adventure around Subic Bay, then we’re certain that Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari were both included on your list, right? But have you decided where to take a rest after a fun and tiring trip to such places? Casablanca Hotel can be the ideal place for you because the place can help you replenish your energy, put your mind at ease, and relax your body.

The previous guests were always thankful for their stay in the place because of its nice, clean and very comfortable ambiance. You can choose whether to stay in their standard rooms or one of their sought-after condominiums, but whichever you pick, each room has all you need and you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time.

We don’t want to forget about their hardworking staff as well because each deserves praise for welcoming every person with a genuine smile and for being very helpful to guests who were having some concerns. The staff will definitely ensure that you’ll love your stay with Casablanca.

The whole family especially the children will surely love the pools at Casablanca Hotel and everyone would definitely have fun. Their restaurant also serves delicious foods that are perfect for any member of the family. At the end of your stay, you would certainly say that it’s all worth it and would promise yourself to come back again in the near future.

Casablanca Hotel is well-maintained so you can ensure that you’re going to a clean and neat place. You shouldn’t also worry yourself about the expenses because the accommodations were reasonably priced. Revel in the scenery outside, inside and even on the high places of the hotel and appreciate its beauty.

There were a lot of hotels to choose from in Subic Bay, but Casablanca would surely be one of your favorites with their excellent place and good accommodation. The hotel won’t fail to impress you and of course satisfy your relaxation needs. It is built to offer the best service to every family and to provide a stay they won’t forget.

February 16, 2018
by @cepedagretch9

Casablanca Hotel: Getting away has never been more fun and relaxing

We all deserve to relax and to take a break every once in a while, and Subic Bay would never disappoint you. You can find a lot of attractions in the place where you and your friends or family can have fun and enjoy a short but worthwhile adventure. But have you decided a place to stay after every trip? Why not try one of the best hotels in Subic Bay, the Casablanca Hotel.

The staff would definitely give you a warm welcome and a good service you’re looking forward to receive. Every room would surely worth your money since the staff would ensure that you’ll be having an awesome stay. Casablanca knows and understands that a lot of people are really anticipating discounts and promos, thus they encourage you to be updated on their latest special promos and discounts on their website or their official social media pages. They know your needs and will make sure that your desire for a discount would certainly happen, simply check updates about the hotel often.

As mentioned by a lot of people in their reviews, the place is really well taken care of by the dedicated staff of Casablanca, and rooms were especially clean and spacious, thus you and your friends or family would achieve utmost comfort during your stay with the hotel meeting more of your needs, it is like a home away from home.

After going to the popular places at Subic Bay, the pool at Casablanca Hotel can make you feel like your body is being rejuvenated. You won’t also get disappointed with the foods and the hotel even offers a free breakfast that has good choices of Filipino or American cuisines. The bar located along the pool provides refreshing beverages that are perfect for adults who wanted to drink and relax at the same time. Every member of the staff from the restaurant to the reception provides great assistance that guests really appreciate all the time.

Be one of the previous guests who had a wonderful time with Casablanca Hotel and experience all its goodness because you won’t regret it.

February 5, 2018
by @cepedagretch9
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