How to trade?

Very often I get such a question.

I have never done this. Can I make money and is it hard to figure it out?

In the Privat channel there are approximately 90% of newcomers who do not know what trading and crypto trading are. But this does not stop daily earning with the help of signals. All you need to do is select the currency pair that I indicate, set the time for closing the transaction and choose a rate increase or decrease. After the expiration of the time (15-30 minutes) of closing the transaction, you get 70-90% of the profit. Everything is extremely simple. Withdrawal of funds occurs within 1 business day of the day.

Let's take a closer look

What are signals - these are some predictions on the direction of the cryptocurrency and currency pairs. Roughly speaking, I give a forecast and you immediately need to “bet” on a particular currency, in one direction or another (increase or decrease in the exchange rate). If the signal is justified, you get up to 90% of the net profit from the transaction amount, if not, then the transaction amount burns down (which is why I recommend opening transactions at 5% of the amount of your balance).

Where I publish signals - all signals are published in our closed channel, in order to get into it you need to fulfill the conditions - link. Every day I set the time for a trading session in which I publish 4-10 signals.

What to do with these signals and how to make money from them is simple. I say what time of expiration (time when the deal closes) you need to set on the trading floor, I also tell you in which currency or pair we open the deal, as well as the direction of the rate, up or down.

After which you select the desired currency that I indicated, set the time that I indicated, enter the transaction amount 5-10% of the capital and open the transaction using the up or down button (at my signal). It takes 10-15 seconds to do everything, so it is important during the session to closely monitor the publication of signals.

That's all, after the expiration time (15-30 minutes), the transaction is closed and in case of a positive result, you will receive profit. You can withdraw money at any time on the working day.

  • As you already understood, it is not necessary to understand technical analysis, etc., I do this.