December 2, 2019

Making money is easy

  • Greetings to all!

If you are on my channel, then you are interested in this type of earnings and at the same time you do not want to pay pseudo-traders for any information.

I do not position myself as a Mega-trader a multi-billionaire, I am only a person who publishes paid signals for free and makes money on it together with my subscribers.

Surely you noticed that we have a closed channel in which I post signals daily to certain currency pairs with which we earn.

I want to inform you that while the entrance is free and even a complete beginner can make money on it, the main thing is to try it. Well, in the coming month, access will be paid!

Now let's get to action!

I do not take any entrance fees and do not spend paid lessons.

  1. Register on the trading platform - LINK
  2. Next: after registration, you need to open an account on the platform and replenish your balance for trading. The amount of the deposit depends only on you and your capabilities, it doesn’t matter to me how much you start.
  3. And the last: to get access to the group, you need to write to me in PM and tell your ID on the site and the balance in your account: @cryptomaniacus

After that, I will send you a link to a closed channel, where every day at 15:00 and evening at 20:00 I publish trading signals

You get my signal, go to the trading platform and open a deal - in the specified direction, on the specified currency pair. The transaction time must also match. Choose the amount of the transaction yourself, based on the size of your deposit, I personally recommend no more than 5% of the amount of the bank in order to minimize risks. Everything is very simple.

Do not forget to write me reviews and throw screenshots regardless of the result, as all privat subscribers do. If the deal has entered, we will rejoice together. If something went wrong - help to find and fix errors!

Read also the information below.

P.S. Coming soon .. opening the office of the CRYPTO MANIAC, stay tuned!