December 24, 2019

What is Crystallization? Shortly about the Process

Each of us is the most intelligent in some ways, each in some ways the leader, in some ways the most talented and brilliant, in some ways the most courageous. Everyone in something possesses the greatest sharpness of mind and the highest speed of thinking.

And all these "somethings" - could be revealed inside you! Your "somethings" are the whole Universe. It's you!

You already are. You already exists, already perfect by inner Universe, already have the necessary experience!

crystallization idea

As person — you are Whole Universe! You contents much high qualities, ingenious vision, unique energy wave and lots of strengths, combining with your interests in life.

What if you as Universe — already been born with that qualities and supervision, which you need to become on your way? You — is Man-the Universe! You can use it to reveal your power!

And there are special thing designed for Mans-the-Universes:

Crystallization — it's Personality Process (and same Program) which allows a person to aware the fullness of himself and his most high qualities, which should be emphasized in future activity or business.

Crystallization — Personal Process, means «the acquisition of certainty»

The term "crystallization" is well revealed in this phrase: Crystal clarity of awareness.

Crystallization is the process of identifying precise and clear personal principles, basic concepts, and fundamental understandings that best reflects the most pleasure, positive and energetic characteristics of you as a person and your vision! You got vision of You as Universe with it's best emotional options, best relish of aesthetics, action, favorite things you following during your life!

This process leads to qualitative leaps of personal awareness and to the discovery of new and simple personal principles that call in their own words what you only felt, but never consciously formulated.

It is a conscious process of forming a better future with a new level of awareness of yourself, your goals and your emotional values. Such future corresponds to the emotional state of another (higher) level. This state say as the "in-flow state," or "flowing state" — it's close concepts to Crystallization results.

The eponymous Program.

Crystallization — a coaching and consulting methodology based on certain steps, one doing himself.

This Program process is accompanied by:

  • Formulation of qualitative emotional personal principles that simplify life and sharpen awareness of a particular area;
  • If we talk about the Crystallization consulting program, this research involves finding the basis emotional factors for your state "in the flow";
  • Finding the right names for those phenomena and relationships in Your Universe that are difficult to name and explain;
  • Finding the basic elements in areas among the many phenomena; determining what in these areas is the Basic-value and what is Secondary-value.

Basically all steps is Theory + Practice with analysis your favorite things that inspire you due all your life. In total it's a solution how to unite all favorite things in Base concepts for your enhanced activity & value-metered business development.

The work takes place in communication with the provider (Online-calls with Program Specialist for 1.5-2 hours twice a week, or chat. If you OK about homework, you can do more by yourself between sessions). Each online session is accompanied by notes in Cloud documents: the Crystallization specialist helps to record important moments and your personal discoveries. After completing the steps of the program, all the work materials in Cloud remain with you. Your personal Formulas of emotional state "in flow", all your Summaries and final formulations are stay with you.

To find your own approach to business, to formulate the essence of your emotional vision-these are the requests with which the Program helps.

It allows to unite much amount of personal competences, create analytically-aware Conception Core of your emotional power, and pave the way for the realization of your talents and personal life interests.

And it's best change do identify strong points for your Personal Brand, with next packing such points to your favorite format of Brand delivery.

Crystallization is used by the author to help people in their formation on the path of positive entrepreneurship: a business activity in which a person feels "at ease", and realizes his personal vision, his values and all that goes beyond the ordinary. We called it Q-projects.

Who is the Program for?

1/ Ideal for Multi-universe People...

..who want to combine into one whole all that inspires them and life "rushing".

Such guys often has lots of projects, styles, moods, art that they like a lot, and a bit fuss over all this staff to be able to select something single for next packing and working with. Program could give such guy an ideas, where lot of Favorited universes would be working together.

2/ For people who is looking for own style & own emotional way

.. way, mood, emotional flow in entrepreneurship and make a qualitative leap in their development path or business.

It's also good for ones who is at a creative and professional crossroads.

It total, it's for those who want to find their own formats of creativity and realization of personal vision, starting to form their own channels of creation.

Crystallization is positioned as a special Program for Visionaries, Creative-vision Persons, Game changers & Talented guys.

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