December 20, 2019

Discovering the Q-projects: The Unique Concept That Differentiates Businesses

It felt like a strike of lightning when I discovered the existence of Q as a powerful creative phenomenon. After a while, I've realized that I want to dedicate my life to bringing these projects to fruition. :) Consequently, I named them "Q-projects."

But what are these Q-projects?

To put it simply ‚ÄĒ these are projects developed by creative and funny people that are spreading positivity to the world. It is because the essence of these projects resides in their owners. Seemingly, these are individuals with special powers to create an unusually funny business or products.

Remember the advertising that made you smile recently? Was it cleverly conceived, and amusing throughout? In most cases, it is a commercial that is resonating with humor, lightness, and wit.

For Example, Virgin Atlantic movie about their magical service and staff. Apparently, these are the "Q-adverts."

However, the question comes to my mind - why not introduce Q-aspect to every other area of business?

Different "Areas" of Business Projects

As I was speaking with many entrepreneurs, I came up with some conclusions. I've realized that some entrepreneurs may not know about the (3) and (4) areas, but (1) and (2) are always present.

Of course, businesses and companies always have their customers (Area 1). Otherwise, they cease to exist. Of course, to survive, they also need to provide sufficiently right products or services based on Frameworks* (Area 2).

* In this case, Framework is a methodology of any kind: it can be a product, small or complicated technique or service know-how. Also it could be lot of creative framework: say Q-framework ;)

Apparently, most business projects have features that are the same or somehow distinctive from competitors. These features are expressed in their business model (3). Moreover, they have a brand, a system of values, and ideology (4).

Therefore, Q-businesses have distinct areas (3) and (4). It is because their business is developed with soul. Usually, it is fun, full of positivity, and based on exciting quality products/service.

Some businesses can include Q-aspect in all, or only in some of the areas:

  • Focus on Q-clients and Q-partners as an example¬†(Area 1)
  • Products and Frameworks can also have a flair of Q¬†(Area 2)
  • In most of these cases, a Business model includes Q¬†(Area 3)
  • However, a brand is the best in spreading the Q¬†(Area 4)

Examples of Q for Each of Business Areas

Area (1): Marketing & promotion

As reference - Virgin Atlantic is an airline with fun promo and non-conservative advertising. They got clients who following their values.

Well, it's guys

Area (2): Frameworks and products

Many examples of fun products can be found as Kickstarter campaigns.

Also, there is an unusual approach to a typical product: studio¬†mir.no¬†does architecture as emotional visualization with artistic and atmospheric vision. And these guys Balbobia Studio ‚ÄĒ doing only positive characters design for brands & video production companies.

Area (3): Business model

Examples of Q-aspects in business models in the market are plentiful. Since I love all about Richard Branson and the Virgin company ‚ÄĒ I always take them as an¬†example with cool entertainment & innovation services.

Area (4): Brand

On the other hand, not many designers and studios have fun and genius branding. Examples of brands and projects with exceptional values and fresh ideas: one, two, and - three:

What Else Can Hold a prefix "Q"?

Since Qness is a form of a philosophical approach to overall creation, applications for "Q" are numerous.


Someone just has the Q within from the birth.

  • Richard Branson
  • Douglas Adams
  • Elon Musk (with his fun of Tesla launch to space, music writing, jokes!)
  • Max Landis
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • James Corden
  • Emir Kusturica & else guys in ¬ęNo Smoking Orchestra¬Ľ
Usually Q-persons is open-minded guys who following their living principles & values, and having a Personal Vision which realizes in their activity / business like a Game of this Visionary. Usually it comes with their own uniqueness realization and awareness of the their own Nature.

Such guys, who follows their Q-Values & Q-Nature, say following own Q-way in life. And they have Q-mind: state for perceive life&business as game to play with :)


  • Virgin, Virgin Atlatnic (virgin.com, wiki) - it's Q-services and Q-features inside the client's communications area.
  • Zappos (wiki)
  • in whole view, maybe Pixar is Q-business too.

Media Q-projects

Q-marketing and Q-advertising, Q-branding

...this is good areas for Creative Visionaries who like to run Qness projects!


Q-universes, books:

  • The Hitchhiker‚Äôs Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  • Dirk Gently‚Äôs Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams (also TV series by Max Landis are so cool too!)
  • Unready to Wear by Kurt Vonnegut

Films for Q-personalities...

It's my list of recommendations

If you have anything more for Q-list examples, feel free to share link in telegram or via email.


1. Q: Is it possible to become Q-business introducing only the Q-branding, leaving the rest unchanged?

A: Since Q-projects are a form of ideology, step-by-step implementation is a possible way to change your business. However, the company doesn't become a Q-project by remaking the logotype! It is because it is more of a qualitative leap to the project uniqueness and Q. Due next steps of integration Q-ideas ‚ÄĒ the usual business project may transform to Q-business project. Basic idea is that Q = equal to Soul of project. Logotype could be beauty designed, but without Soul it would be empty to Q-feelings.

2. Q: How to check and be sure that some business is the Q-business?

A: As Q-projects are made with soul and flavor to life, you would feel it. When comparing Q-projects and non Q-projects ‚ÄĒ it is as it is a book made with real values VS the book written just for money. Therefore, an analogy is quite exact.

3. Q: What is the essence of Q-projects? How come that some projects are becoming Q, and some ‚ÄĒ don't?

A: To conclude, the base for Q-project is Q-person that's behind. If Q-person (CEO or Executive Director) realizes his own unusual (real, genuine) vision, we would have a Q-project. It is because only the brave Q-persona has enough courage to produce a unique and hi-quality product. At the same time, there are different visions that Q-person may have. It can be artistic, maybe fun, positive, and/or conceptual.

4. Q: If we starting do business in a very unusual way, how to develop it without scaring people? What are the guarantees of the success?

A: Ideology of Q-projects is not based on the damp soil. It is because it is a systematic analysis of successful companies. I was trying to find the cause of their success and uniqueness. In the end, I realized the fact that Qness increases the efficiency of successful business and development principles. 

At the same time, Q-entrepreneurship should learn basics and the successful principles of casual business world. However, Q-projects are not something mediocre. For this reason, business development on the principles of success is OK, but not bringing your own Qness mood into your business.

Principle with duplication of casual existing business or typical products ‚ÄĒ gives you a result as an average casual business. However, when entrepreneurship reveals his original vision ‚ÄĒ there we got a margin of 10‚Äď100 points from everything else in his business market.

Of course, it's not the usual way. It's way to build something outstanding, and sometimes it's bit harder then duplication of casual business, but results could be valuable.

Q-ideology that is for bold leaders, who are not afraid to be especial, notable, and unique.

5. Q: Is all knowledge of Q-projects represented in this article?

A: No. In this article, I am showcasing the examples of some of the Q-projects. Furthermore, their laws of the development of Q-projects. But that is another subject.

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