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Cyber Security

9 Potentially Harmful Malware And How To Identify Them

Malware and threat-causing software are all over the internet. With a tiny wrong step, you can lead yourself to some of the most potentially harmful malware. You may end up losing your data big time and even have to get bankrupt owing to retrieving your most precious data. When it comes to a company, it is yet a big thing to consider.

What Are Some Good Ways To Prevent Different Types Of Ransomware?

Ransomware has been the primary cause for various companies’ near downfall irrespective of their size or type. The hackers feed on the data-enriched database that they utilize to blackmail the company authorities and ask for a handsome ransom. If not paid, they often expose the database on the various dark web forums and websites.

How Do Hackers Sell Stolen Credit Card Details In The Dark Web?

Stolen credit card details are of immense importance and profitable for those who buy them from the darknet and for the hackers who acquire them and sell them on the various dark web websites. The process of acquiring stolen card details is called carding, which has been growing massively with each passing day.

What Is Dark Web Scan And Does It Actually Work?

A dark web scan, also termed darknet monitoring, can be defined as a cybersecurity service that enables you to have explicit knowledge of whether your email has been compromised and if any data is available on the dark web. The scanning procedure excavates through the more extensive databases containing social security numbers (SSNs), passwords, stolen usernames, and credit card numbers for sale.

How To Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked And Its Prevention

Smartphones are prone to get hacked since the majority of people use smartphones for all their regular online activities such as online transactions, banking, trading and even being online on various social media platforms, etc. There are several methodologies that let smartphone users identify the symptoms when their phone gets hacked. In case you feel any one of the below you can definitely go ahead and cross-check if the threat actors have hacked your phone.

Cybersecurity Tips For The Online Shoppers

The online shoppers who spend most of their time scouring the internet for purchasing products from various websites are often the best trap for hackers and cybercriminals. They use multiple tactics to rob the Ecommerce customers out of their money (financial fraud) or scam them by not sending their bought products or not addressing their issues.

How Do I Trace DDoS Attack?

DDoS, also known as the Distributed Denial of Service, is regarded as a malicious attack on the information system. It focuses on ceasing the systems for processing user requests. This kind of attack suppresses the server or web resource by utilizing multiple sources for overwhelming the system and making the server unavailable for standard requests. DDoS attacks can occur to small, medium, and large industries and at any point.

Top Cyber Security Changes Will Be Seen Post Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing, and in these months, the cybersecurity spheres have experienced a lot of cyber attacks owing to the massive opportunity that the pandemic has provided. Various companies have undergone massive data breaches worth millions and even included phishing or ransomware attacks. As these threats keep on increasing, the cyber risk management companies need to upgrade themselves and keep these attacks at bay.