Homework ( IELTS Writing Task 1)

The bar chart below shows the priority of various modes of transport to youths in the UK, USA, Germany and France. Overall, there was a considerable disparity between different types of transports.The maximum value registered in France, about 75 percent, where people chose cars over other modes of transport.

Turning to chosen cars, USA and Great Britain show the same result almost 60 persent. When as in the same category, Germany has 20 percent less. However, in contrast with other countries, Germans the leading position of chosing bicycle, making up nearly half of all. American is a second largest after Germans, which prefer bicycle, approximately 30 percent. But in contrast people in France, Americans over twice chose bicycle as convenient transport for them.

Generally, there is significant difference between chosen motorcycles. Americans has the largest proportion of chosing motorcycles, almost under a third of citizens prefer it. In comparison of Great Britain, Germany and France, where a slight distinction of 1-5 percent.