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Essay (Process)

This pictorial diagram illustrates both manmade and natural process of recycling of fossil fuel, specifically oil and coal. Overall, in order to get minerals, people complement the natural chain to create oil and coal.

Homework ( IELTS Writing Task 1)

The bar chart below shows the priority of various modes of transport to youths in the UK, USA, Germany and France. Overall, there was a considerable disparity between different types of transports.The maximum value registered in France, about 75 percent, where people chose cars over other modes of transport.

Summary (Self-Confidence)

I chose the topic of self-confidence, because of I came across Ivan Joseph's Ted Talks, I realized that self-confidence is a skill,so I want to present this topic. His speech has been viewed more than 18 million times.

What is reflection for me?

When I heard word "reflection", I imagined the reflection of sunlight, but teacher meant the different meaning of that word, however I believe that, this meaning is are both similar. In order for to you understand what i mean, i want to tell you what reflection is. I think, that we all know what is reflection (physics), but 2nd meaning of this word is - "Thinking about your mental state, tendency to analyze your experiences" (Thanks to Google and information era). Nowadays, reflection is commonly used in education. For instance, after the lesson, the student evalutes the scales of how he mastered the topic and showed himself in the lesson. From my perspective, the student looks into his reflection and realizes himself. I believe, that analyze yourself is good, but everyone should do it himself, and come to this himself,but not just to do because teacher said..