August 4, 2020

China Freight Review

My name is Lynn Greene from Dallas. I work with Techlex IT and Electronics Solution Company. We deal with all technological appliances from latest computers and phones to intelligent CCTV cameras. In addition, we deal with electrical products that run hand in hand with the technological appliances for all rounded service provision. Over the past 15 years, we have shipped products using air and sea to Europe and Asia. We initially imported and exported to Europe but as the profit margin increased, we expanded our market to include Asia. China is known for advanced and up-to-date technological appliances and thus we have stuck with them for the years without disappointment.

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We have experienced great success in this business but it was not as easy as it is now when we started. If anything, it was rough and full of setbacks. When we started our importing and exporting venture, my business partners and I decided to keep the process simple and cheap because we were first-timers and naïve about the whole thing. We decided to go for cheap products and cheap freight forwarders for easy returns and less frustrations. It sounds a safe strategy but it only resulted in unsatisfied customers who complained about everything from product quality to delays of delivery. It was evident that we were not going to succeed with this strategy since many customers bounced off.

Experience opened our eyes and we had to step out of our ‘safe’ strategy. It was only wise to hold an urgent meeting with my business partners to analyze our strategy and to chat our way forward. We were convinced of succeeding and looking back was not an option. We worked extra hard to keep the business float even as we began fixing our weak links. Going forward, we decided we were going to keep sustainable and workable overhead, import high quality products, choose the most reliable and excellent international freight forwarder, and that is when we came across reviews and decided to work with China Freight. Our dream of success began to look attainable because our business began changing for the better due to the new freight forwarder and improved quality of products.

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It goes without any objection that for a business to do well quality of goods and services is very vital. But of more importance and which deserves more attention is how to get those products from the supplier to the customers. Failure in this process messes up the business. Having your own choice of freight forwarder is not compulsory since suppliers can choose one of their choices. But this does not yield desired results. When we used the former option, we experienced great delays and most of the times were uninformed on the progress of our shipping. Having seamless contact was not always possible and when it happened, they were hesitant and did not serve our best interests.

For this reason, there are times our freight ended up in a wrong destination or got stuck along the way. We filed numerous cases which only led to further frustrations because it was not a solution to the main problem. We kept facing the same challenges until we decided to change our strategy. My partners entrusted me with the responsibility of managing the export process and this is when I met Roy from China Freight. Let me tell you how it happened.

That very weekend when I was tasked to spearhead the export process, we had a business exhibition in the city hall near me. I went strategically hoping to get ideas on how I was going to turn our business’ mess to a success. In my chats here and there with the people I found, I happened to pass by a group that was discussing importation and exportation of goods. Your guess is right; I quickly jumped in hoping to get some drops of wisdom and strategies I could implement immediately. I just came in when Roy had taken turn answering a question that was closely related to my need, international freight forwarding. My ears opened and I was attentive. He explained the whole process and asked us to check reviews to consider the well-known China Freight. The conversation went on and immediately we were dispersed I had a personal chat with Roy. That’s where our business relationship with China Freight began.

To be on the same page, l will explain in summary who China Freight is and what they do. China freight is a full-service freight forwarder who works with companies, businesses and even individuals word-wide. The company is known for its excellence in the industry in matters to do with shipping cargo from one destination to another by use of sea, rail, truck and air. We have worked with them for 10 years now and their services are simply efficient and accurate.

After going through China Freight reviews, I was interested in China Freight and through the guidance of Roy I was able to restructure my company’s shipment strategy. He gave me every detail I needed for a successful shipping process.

When we began using China freight, we had such a smooth communication on the progress of our shipment and we were able to track the goods on the move, a thing we had never experienced. They also provided priceless information regarding clearance through custom making it even easier for us. The process had always given us headaches until China Freight stepped in.

I even recall a day when the track carrying our goods crashed damaging our products. China Freight came in with an insurance cover at no extra cost. Such incidences have happened many other times and we have always successfully claimed cover.

For a starter, I concur with you that it is not easy to get quality products delivered to you from a distant source. Besides that, the whole process of shipping can be discouraging. Coordinating your freight forwarder and the supplier is not a very smooth process. Roy was of much help since we now get our orders through FOB departure airport or port. We connected our suppliers in China and India with China Freight and ensure a pro-forma was first given by supplier before starting our purchase contract.

We have tasked China Freight to handle our shipment from our warehouse here in Dallas to the destination port and even other times to the last door. They sum freight, duties, and customs and delivery charges and give us an all-in-one quotation freeing us of many frustrations.

Every shipment with China Freight has always been accompanied by exceptional customer service. Their custom packaging in particular has been of our top interest. They perfectly package different kinds of goods and we always rest assured our goods will arrive safe. They give careful attention to fragile goods which leaves us confident and satisfied customers. The reliable insurance cover also takes away every worry regarding safety of goods.

I can never thank China freight more than enough. They have made or business bloom. Besides understanding your business, it is of more importance to pull together all systems involved wisely for seamless business operations. This we have learnt over time.

Why I'll keep Using China Freight

Affordable cost of shipping

Made-in-China products are increasingly gaining recognition because of their reasonable pricing. The world currently is heading towards China for best quality products at a very reasonable price. Among the most attractive features about China products are cheap labor cost and low exchange rates. Compared to other freight forwarders in the world, China freight forwarders are the cheapest and specifically China Freight. The shipping rates too are lower. China Freight will charge you based on your specific requirements.

World-class customer service

It’s human to want personalized attention and care. reviews attests for China Freight. They treat all customers individually in a satisfying way. They are keen to details regarding your logistics and also offer opportunity for one-on-one discussions. You can be sure you are just a statistic but a valued client.

Great at handling sensitive goods

You do not have to be worried about your sensitive goods that are in the hands of China Freight. They will give sufficient attention and care you’d give to your valued sensitive goods. These services include proper handling, storage and shipment and the charges are included in your quotation, you won’t pay any extra cash besides the quotation.

Quite Agile

The shipping needs are bound to change and thus you need a freight forwarder who can adjust accordingly. You should have no engagements with a forwarder who has fixed terms. We initially worked with multinational forwarders who had to refer to their main offices to ship our goods. In case of an assigned partner can’t be available, you will not get another help to replace them. They were unsatisfactory because specific needs were not met appropriately. Therefore, you need a forwarder who can meet all your needs in a personal way.

Flexibility and Efficiency of Operations

International shipping is a series of activities that involves huge administration, timing, planning, logistics, transactions, procedures, clearance, transportation and so forth. It is not a smooth process to be handled by an individual. Clearance involves government rules and regulations that must be adhered to for successful shipping. This China Freight review acknowledges how China Freight is best in route selection, carriers and price summation.

China Freight’s Services we have trusted are:

Reliable Shipping: With China Freight your shipment is well sorted. They offer sea and air freight for international cargo. They also handle shipping documentation like certificate of origin, bills of landing, letters of credit and so forth.

Logistics and supply chain management: China Freight offers personal consultancy, filling contracts, shipping goods and any other service needed for delivery.

Insurance Cover: Insurance cover is necessary for a business that ships goods. Unexpected things can happen to your goods and can be a huge loss. China Freight offers reliable insurance cover.

Custom Clearance: On your behalf, China Freight will fill clearance forms and also has an arrangement for paying owed duties on your behalf to be paid later.

For all first-time shippers, I have a piece of advice that will save you from the troubles we experienced. Find a reliable freight forwarder before beginning your venture. China Freight is this kind of a company, trusted, reliable and customer-centered. Check out reviews. Secondly, establish a good relationship with them because your goods will be on their hands and you want them handled well. This way, you will have a successful business.

China Freight has always enhanced our international shipping in these aspects:

LCL Optimization: The Company helps in managing my costs by consolidating small cargos into one big cargo.

Multiple Shipping Methods: It offers reliable sea, rail, courier and air cargo delivery based on my needs.

Courier: For goods that I need shipped fastest, China freight chooses shortest airline routes for me.

Route Selection: China Freight understands all routes to my desired destination and can help me choose the fastest and cheapest possible route.

Other Services: China Freight handles every nitty gritty until my freight is safely delivered.

Over the years I have shipped goods from China, I can say that finding a reliable forwarder might take considerably long time. You might have to try various companies before settling on the best for you. If you are in this process currently, this China Freight review affirms for China Freight as a reliable company who will perfectly handle all your shipping needs. Their experience, expertise and knowledge in this industry surpass all I ever tried and have saved me time, money and energy.


I will end this China Freight review by letting know you know the success of your shipping business is entirely on your hands. The choices you’ll make will determine your growth. You may choose to go the cheap way and go through circles of frustration or entrust the process to a freight company. Choosing China Freight was the best business decision we ever made. Be assured all your needs will be accurately met even beyond your imaginations.