June 9, 2021

How much sleep and how to get enough sleep ???

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It is considered that in order to get enough sleep , you need 8 hours. In fact, the time for a night's rest is different for everyone. And it affects not only the load during the day/week, but also the general regime, and genetics. I, for example, have a lot of 8 hours of sleep. For 6.5 or 7 hours, I get a great night's sleep. If you sleep more, you can be "broken". But I think that each of you is able to understand how much time you need to get enough sleep. For someone, 6 hours will be enough for this,and for someone, 10 hours.

There are two important points to consider

The first point is to lie down in time. For example, my wife and I mostly get to go to bed around 00: 00 at night. There are exceptions, when we can watch a movie or come from the festivities , and then we go to bed no earlier than 2 am. Personally, I would love to go to bed no later than 23: 00 . But we have two small children, plus a job, plus some personal projects. While you do all the work, here it is and it turns out about 00: 00 hours.

And I know that many people can't go to bed in time just because of a lack of discipline. Believe me, a daily, proper night's rest gives you much more bonuses than watching movies in the evenings or a feed on Instagram ) Although we, by the way, also like to watch movies (I wrote above), but I repeat, we do not watch them often, a couple of times a week, it happened that we did not watch movies for months because of routine.

The second point is the quality of sleep and the process of falling a sleep.

There are people who can't sleep for hours. Drink melatonin and some herbal medicine, or magnesium 300-400 g. It will knock you out instantly. There is no addiction. Side effects, too. Yes, even if they were, it seems to me that any less than the side effects of lack of sleep. To fall asleep quickly and wake up when you've had enough sleep - that's it, happiness.

This happiness greatly affects the process of muscle growth, fat burning, overall recovery, and immunity. In fact, this is the number one point, and you should make every effort to make your sleep better. Basically, this is an elementary discipline. You just need to agree with everyone in the family, at what time you have a "sleepy kingdom". And you will be happy !!!

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