Why Should I Use Weight Lifting Hooks or Straps | Dmoose

If you are thinking of making strong and good looking muscles in the gym, weight lifting is a good option for this purpose. Most people give different opinions about lifting heavyweight, they believe that lifting heavyweight is all about improving grip and reducing forearm fatigue while lifting dumbbells and barbells after a few reps. They look at one side of weightlifting. The other is about using hooks and straps for making weight lifting an easier job. Athletes either use the weight lifting hook or lifting strap. But there is a theory of weight lifting hooks vs straps that should be clear to all beginners. You can hardly exceed the workout once your grip strength is not strong enough. For example, in the case of deadlifts, you set your forearms and legs to take a position, but your core body struggles and grip issue affect your exercise. There may be some other problems of wrist or finger injury in lifting heavyweights. In such situations, we look forward to some equipment that helps the grip such as lifting hooks or lifting straps. Both have a few differences and are helpful to the athletes.

Stimulating muscle growth is an important reason for lifting heavyweight. You cannot have good results if you lack focus because of grip strength. Once you reach a level your wrist doesn’t have enough stability to hold heavy weights without any additional support. Now the question is that, which one to use between weight lifting hooks vs straps? Well, you need one of these when your wrist or grip fails to reach your destination. The weight lifting hook is actually a strong strap that tights around your wrist with a curved metal rod that fits your palm. This is covered with soft padding so it does not hurt your hands with a heavyweight. Lifting straps are generally long straps with wrapping one end over your wrist and other side rounds rod. Regardless of the fact you are using weight lifting hooks or straps, you would be able to increase the intensity of the exercise even if your forearms are not supporting well.

How to choose between weight lifting hooks and straps?

Lifting straps are helpful in exercises like deadlifts, shrugs, and barbell rows. They are also used with cable rows, pull-ups, and holding other gym equipment. Lifting hooks are basically used while lifting heavy rods for doing exercises beyond the shoulders. It does not mean if you are wearing such tools you can relax your grip. A relaxed grip can cause injury in the wrist. Lifting hooks have prongs or J shaped metal hook with soft padding. Prongs are more suitable while doing exercise with dumbbells, thus professionals use solid hook when doing sets of lifting heavy rods.

You can set the position of the hook if you want hook closer to the wrist or away from the wrist. There are different sizes as per the size of the wrist of different ages. Generally, the lifting straps are less expensive than lifting hooks. Safety is the top priority before starting any kind of exercise in the gym.