April 21, 2021

Tips To Make Your Tiny Living Room Look Bigger

We’ve all been there, All of us aspire to live in our dreams, most of us has a dream car, a dream bike, a dream travel destination, and a dream home. But the thing is life works in mysterious ways and most of us may not get the things we wanted in life and end up with vastly different things rather than the things we imagined to have. But it’s ok , life works like that. All of us may not get exactly the things we wanted in life. Sometimes we do and other times we do not. Most of us might have dreamt of living in big mansions when we grow up to be adults, but we might end up in 500 square feet apartments, especially in a city like Dubai where real estate is like a steaming pile of amber which would burn your hands when you try to touch it. So in those situations we might have to take Lao Tzu’s words into our minds and live fully with the things you got.

Especially when you have a small house with a tiny living room. A tiny living room doesn’t mean that you can’t live life like a king in his palace. With a few tips and tricks from the best interior specialists in Dubai, we’ll help you make your living room, bigger, grander and regal.
The first thing you have to do when you have a tiny living room is to analyse the room, get the layout of the room, get rid of all the big furniture. The best way to put this is this. When you go to buffets they usually serve food on really small plates, but it might seem like there is a lot of food on the plate. But if you take the same amount of food and serve it on a bigger plate it might seem as if there is actually less food on the plate. This is the same kind of strategy we might have to take into account when you’re redesigning your small living space. Use small furniture and make the room feel light and airy. You can add classic wooden furniture mixed with small carpets placed underneath them like the coffee table. You can get the best rugs and carpets in Dubai from our really vast collection of contemporary and classic collection of carpets ranging from European and Victorian style carpets to the really traditional Persian rugs made by artisans from Persia itself.

The next thing to look for is curtains. Curtains can change the feel of the living room. Even if you have a 15 foot wide living room with no windows just hanging a few curtains here and there can change the entire look of the living room. Especially in a megacity like Dubai with a really rich tradition of using curtains in Bedurian huts and camps it’s supposed to be there at every living room. And you can get any type of curtain designs in Dubai because there is nothing that isn’t available here. And with the best collection of curtains in Dubai we have everything you want, From traditional Arabic curtains to modern contemporary designs approved by the best interior designers from across the globe. Most of the curtains you see on our showroom are made in house, because we’re the best curtain makers in the whole of Dubai. Now if you have a living room with windows and you need the windows to be functional, In case you need to look outside to know who’s at your doorstep or to view the beautiful Dubai skyline at the same time want a little bit of privacy, we recommend using motorized curtains or roller blinds, because one a motorized curtain can be operated remotely and also the second thing is, You can peek what’s going on through the roller blinds. And if you want them you could also approach us, because we’re the best roller blind supplier in Dubai and also have motorized curtains as well.