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10 Things to Consider When Exploring Blind and Curtain Ideas

Historically Curtains have been tools used by the ancients to accommodate better living conditions in their homes. The earliest evidence of humans using curtains in their homes was found on excavation sites at Olynthus, Pompeii and Herculaneum at Greece. These Curtains were used by the people there to divide the rooms.In Medieval England curtains replaced wooden window shades and provided insulation in the winter months. As society progressed Curtains blinds and carpets became more of an ornamental objects rather than things that serve a value.Curtains and blinds became rather than objects with a purpose. But they’ve become irreplaceable over years and an household item. You cant see one home without a curtain or a blind or a carpet.And...

Tips To Make Your Tiny Living Room Look Bigger

We’ve all been there, All of us aspire to live in our dreams, most of us has a dream car, a dream bike, a dream travel destination, and a dream home. But the thing is life works in mysterious ways and most of us may not get the things we wanted in life and end up with vastly different things rather than the things we imagined to have. But it’s ok , life works like that. All of us may not get exactly the things we wanted in life. Sometimes we do and other times we do not. Most of us might have dreamt of living in big mansions when we grow up to be adults, but we might end up in 500 square feet apartments, especially in a city like Dubai where real estate is like a steaming pile of amber which would burn your hands when you try to touch...