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Full story: Streetos Character Design & Package

Had a lucky chance to work with some cool Vietnamese guys on character and package designs for the Streetos brand in the end of 2019. Hope this is satisfying your visual taste buds.

Scared Zebra

Quick character sketch I've done for one interesting animation project. Here are some sketchy sketches of the sketch as well. Hope you enjoy it.

Drawing octopus character illustration in Photoshop

Drive 7

Here some more of my works done for different companies and private clients from Spain, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China, Great Britain, Belgium, USA and Russia during 2016.

Бесплатный мастер класс по иллюстрации и йога в Москве

А вдруг кто ещё застрял в каменном веке и читает этот журнал, вместо того чтобы обитать вконтактиках, фейсбуках, ревижинах, иллюстраторсах и на бихансах?

Baker illustration iPad 4 Procreate Creative Stylus drawing

Hi guys. Recently I've bought Wacom Creative Stylus just for fun to test the abilities of the iPad drawing in Procreate and was amazed. Looks like I can really work on commissions with that. Here is my current project about for The Art of Living Happiness Program. Postcards

Подарочные открытки для крупных клиентов

Etisalat MWC 2013

Набор иллюстраций для сотового оператора среднего востока Etisalat. Картинки 6х2 метра сделаны для Mobile World Congress 2013 в Барселоне. Ими украшали стены холла и делали печатную рекламу (примеры ниже).

Get Well Soon

Agency: Diversity ( 2013 Calendar