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Trade Facilities Services offers the best electrical safety certificate for landlords and EICR Certificates throughout the London and Essex. Call us at 0203 637 1446 & get your certification done, starting from £80!

Understanding Electrical Test Certificates and Their Importance

Still don't have an electrical test certificate? Wondering why such a document is recommended when selling your home or renting out a property? Here are all the basics you need to know.

EICR: An Overview of Electrical Installation Condition Report

Many landlords are under the false impression that getting an EICR or electrical installation condition report is costly and takes a lot of work. It doesn’t have to. The law requires an EICR for landlords for good reason. Such inspections and tests are necessary to ensure the following:

Trade Facilities Services is Offering Emergency Light Testing Prices from £120!

London, UK, February 2020 – Trade Facilities Services provide electrical safety certificate in London and Essex for commercial properties. They provide access to qualified and experienced electricians to test the property. Trade Facilities Services is providing emergency light testing, price starting from £120.

Trade Facilities ServicesTrade Facilities Services

Electrical certificate for landlords

Trade Facilities Services is Offering PAT Testing of Rented Property Appliances for £75

London, UK, February 2020: Trade Facilities Services is the leading electrical safety certificate provider in the London and Essex area. They provide access to skilled electricians for electrical testing and issuing electrical certificates. Currently, they are offering all appliances’ testing in a rented property only for £75.

London PAT Testing – What to Care For

PAT testing is the routine testing or inspection of certain types of electrical appliance to make sure that they are safe to use. The main purpose of London PAT testing is preventing electrical accidents from happening in the workplace. For a PAT test certificate to be issued, full visual inspection along with a more in-depth checking and testing with specialist PAT equipment must be done, hence ensuring a complete inspection of portable appliances. PAT testing in London includes insulation resistance checks, earth continuity, and lead polarity tests although some appliances need only a reduced form of the test known as the PAT insulation test.

Why Your Business Needs Fire Alarm Test

To ensure the reliability of your fire alarm system, it is important for it to be inspected and tested for emergency function on a regular basis. Fire alarm testing must likewise be included in your system package so you can make sure that your investment will continue to be valuable even years after its initial installation. By choosing a reliable company to install and perform regular fire alarm test on your system, you never have to worry about compliance requirements or the reliability of your installation.

Electrical Testing – Landlords’ Benefits

Finding tenants is not an easy job and requires a landlord to keep their property in top shape. One of the essential aspects is the safety of the building from electrical issues. This is where electrical testing comes into the framework. Before giving an apartment or building on rent, it is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure proper safety.

Tips for Getting an Electrical Certificate from Authorized Firms

Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment can be extremely dangerous. These require a tremendous amount of caution in terms of handling. So, it is essential for the electricians to acquire an electrical certificate from reputed authorities. Indeed, the clients opting for an electrician's services would like to know if they are certified and trained or not. The provision of a certificate is a proof that the electrician can handle and stay safe from any mishap at the time of an electricity-related task. To attain the certificate, one should be aware of the specified procedure and requirements beforehand.