Various Types of Sequins for Embellishment

Sequin is a small shiny decorative material made of plastic or metal. Sequins are used to embellish dresses, jewelry and crafts. They give the design a shiny and lovely look. Due to the high demand of sequins in the fashion industry, all fashion designers use sequins on dresses to make them attractive. Sequins are perfect inexpensive materials for adornment of wedding dresses, apparels, footwear, purses, bags, jewelry and handicraft items etc.

Sequins comes in different shapes, sizes, finishes and colors and these varieties make them special. These varieties of sequins give you the opportunity to do different experiment on your design. Let’s know about them:

(1). Sew on Sequins: These sew on sequins are perfect to do embroidery on apparels, wedding dresses, footwear, pillow covers and crafts. There is a hole on these sequins and they are sewn onto the fabric using thread. These sequins are available in different shapes like round, oval, star, heart, snowflake, rectangle, square, flat, flower shaped, and many more. Flower shaped sequins are the most liked sequins worldwide. We also have loose sequins.

In addition to the center hole sequins, we also have special top hole sequins and double hole sequins. These sequins are available in different colors like golden, silver, white, black, red, blue, grey, and more.

(2). Reversible Sequins: Reversible sequins have one color on the front side and another on the back side. These are top hole sequins. These reversible sequins can be easily flipped once stitched. They create amazing reversible effects after these sequins are sewn on the fabric. They are available in different gorgeous colors at wholesale prices on our embellishment store.

(3). Metal Sequins: These brass metal sequins are for jewelry making, embroidery and craft projects. They will completely transform the look of your design. These metal sequins are available in different shapes like coin, round, square, bean, bowl, cupped, fisheye, leaf, teardrop, leaf, heart, and more. Cupped sequins give a three-dimensional appearance. These sequins can also be used in decoration of handicraft projects.

These are various types of sequins and you can use them for adornment of dresses, apparels, crafts and jewelry projects. All these sequins are online available at wholesale prices only on and we do worldwide shipping. If you have any query regarding sequins or other embellishment supplies, please mail us at We always look forward to your help.