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Various Types of Rhinestones for Embellishment

Rhinestones are used in making jewelry and doing embroidery on apparels. The choice of rhinestones for wedding dresses and wedding jewellery is perfect. In this blog I am going to tell about various types of multipurpose rhinestones which are trending worldwide and perfect for making all kinds of jewelry and embroidery on dresses.

Various Types of Sequins for Embellishment

Sequin is a small shiny decorative material made of plastic or metal. Sequins are used to embellish dresses, jewelry and crafts. They give the design a shiny and lovely look. Due to the high demand of sequins in the fashion industry, all fashion designers use sequins on dresses to make them attractive. Sequins are perfect inexpensive materials for adornment of wedding dresses, apparels, footwear, purses, bags, jewelry and handicraft items etc.

Glass Seed Beads Online at Wholesale Prices

Seed beads are lovely small round shaped beads. These beads have an important role in the fashion industry. Glass seed beads are the first choice of every designer as they are used in jewelry making, embroidery, beading and craft projects. This is the reason why the demand for glass seed beads is highest in the fashion industry among all the beads. They can be used easily with beading needles.

Various Types of Crystal Rhinestones for Embellishments

Crystal rhinestones are adornment materials used to decorate apparels, crafts and make jewelry. These crystal glass stones are made in Austria, Czech Republic and China. They completely transform the look of costumes by adding beauty and sparkle to them and shines like stars on dresses. In this blog I am going to describe about the varieties of crystal rhinestones, so that you can choose the perfect crystal glass stones for your dress embellishment and jewellery project.

Various Types of Jewelry Making Supplies Online

To create any jewelry item, jewelry designers also put emotions with their creative efforts. Therefore, jewellery item should become unique and attractive. For this, it becomes necessary to choose the perfect jewelry making supplies. In this blog I am going to tell you about different types of jewelry making materials, by which you can make different types of unique and beautiful jewelry. Jewelry making supplies can be divided into two categories. The first is jewelry components and the second is jewelry findings. Let’s know about them one by one:

Various Types of Stylish Appliques & Patches

Appliques and patches are used to decor garments. For this, appliques patches are stitched to the garment. This process can be done either by hand stitching or machine. Appliques and patches easily give a glamorous look to the design and completely transform the look of the apparel. They are known for giving the design a traditional and fashionable touch. There are many varieties of appliques and patches available. We have all these varieties available in different sizes and colors. Let’s discuss them:

Cylinder Beads (2 Cut Beads) Online at Wholesale Prices

2 Cut Beads, also known as cylinder beads internationally & cutdana in India are the perfect choice for making jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets etc, and doing embroidery on fabrics for wedding dresses, bags and shoes. These 2cut beads are in shape of hollow hexagon cylindrical (Delica beads are round cylindrical beads) and have a smooth edge, which doesn’t cut any threads.

Various Types of Laces Online at Wholesale Prices

Laces are decorative fabrics and known as a popular material for embellishment. Laces are used to embellish clothes and craft projects. Lace enhances the beauty of saree, blouse, lehenga, dupatta, suits, etc. Laces can be sewn easily to any fabric. There are many types of laces. Let's know about different types of laces:

Worldwide Popular Embroidery Needles Online

Embroidery needle is an essential tool to start any embroidery project. Embroidery needles are of different types and each embroidery needle is made for a specific task. Therefore, you must understand this blog to choose the perfect needle for your embroidery project. Now let us know about different types of embroidery needles:

Embroidery Frames/Hoops and Stands Online at Wholesale Prices

Different materials and tools are required to complete any embroidery project. Embroidery frame is a most important tool for any embroidery project. There are different types of embroidery frames. So for your project you need to know about each embroidery frame, so that you can create the perfect embroidery design that you have imagined. Embroidery frames can be divided into two main categories. Let us now know about these categories: