November 12, 2019

Multi Color Glass Stones Online for Sale

Crystal glass stones are perfect embellishment material when it comes to couture wears. They are also perfect for making designer jewelry items. They come in so varieties and you are surely going to love all of them. In this blog, I am going to share different types of glass stones that you can buy online on So, let’s get started:

1) Sew on Crystals: These glass stones come in two categories, one is with catcher and the other is without catcher. The stones that are available without catcher have holes in them for sewing and the stones with catcher have holes in the catcher for sewing. These beautiful pieces can totally transform your design. They can add shine, shimmer and elegance.

2) Crystal Chatons: These beautiful round pieces have a pointed back and sparkly surface. They are used for jewelry designing and clay craft. You can always see their uses in embroidery work. They can easily make your designs outshine.

3) Hot Fix Crystals: These glass crystal stones have glue set on their back. So, they can be easily pasted on any surface with the help of hotfix gun or iron. They are perfect for craft projects and even for embroidery projects.

4) Swarovski Hot Fix: These are the most beautiful and elegant pieces that you can add to your project. They are available in two type; one is crystal and other is pearl. You are going to love how crystal hotfix will make your designs shine and how pearls will add elegance to you designs. You can easily find Swarovski Hotfix online here.

5) Rhinestone Chains: These shiny changes are versatile. You can see their use in footwear, jewelry, clothing items, craft projects and more. You are going to love how these beautiful chains add shine and beauty to your designs.

So, this was all about various types of crystal stones available online on