Various Types of Craft Materials Online

In this blog, we will explain you some supplies that can be used as craft materials for your DIY projects of Embellishments, Embroidery, Craft & Jewelry making. You can check, which sell Craft materials online at wholesale prices. They have worldwide courier services.

(1) Pom pom balls: - Versatile product which can be used for embellishments of bags, shoes, apparels etc and can also be used for making earring, necklaces and many more thins that you can imagine. Poly wool threads have been used in making these pompom balls.

They have 2 qualities of pom pom balls, one is dense and one is soft. If in your creation, the pom pom balls are hanging then we suggest you to use dense pom pom balls and if you are just stitching them over something then go for our regular quality.

(2) Tassels: - The most important thing about tassels is from what kind of threads they have been made of. You must check that the thread doesn’t loose colors and has a nice fall. At tassels are made from azo free cotton and polyester threads. Usually the polyester threads fall better than cotton threads.

(3) Thread Beads: - One of the most underrated product in craft materials. These are usually wooden or plastic craft beads wrapped around by thread. Use these beads only for projects where the final product is not getting washed at all. Art silk threads has been used in making the below thread beads, which is an Azo free thread.

(4) Thread Rings: - We must add that this supply is never out of fashion. Somewhere someone is always using this to create awesome products. Threads rings also know as crochet rings are synonyms with jaipuri mirror work, gujrati shisha work or craft mirror work in the world. These are usually plastic round rings, which are wrapped around by threads with crochet style of embroidery. To add glam, a small piece of shisha mirror or a metallic sticker has been attached behind in the below crochet embroidery rings. You can easily hand stitch these rings on different kind of fabrics.

(5) Ribbon Flowers: - Flowers made with flat ribbons by wrapping around. Mostly used as a brooch or showpiece on a final piece of craft. You can use them on gift boxes, invitation cards, decorative boxes etc. Make sure that nothing press against them when you are using these.

(6) Craft mirror: - Our favorite supplies in this category. They have gold and silver craft mirrors. In India, these are called shisha mirror. You need to know zardosi embroidery or needle point work with thread if you want to use these mirror because they don’t have holes. So, you need to do thread embroidery around the corners of these mirrors. If the mirrors are small then you can just glue them on the surface.

And if you are making something on a very light fabric then they have craft sticker in metallic sheet. Interesting product, it doesn’t come out from any surface easily and has a good life period of shine.

(7) Sea Shell Beads: - We think that sea shell are the first type of beads that are used by humans for decorative purpose. Very popular in making home decorative stuff likes curtains, boxes, tablemats etc. Always remember that this is a natural product and no two beads will be off same size and color. Every bead is unique in natural state.

At you can find these seashell beads in colors also. They have electroplated these colors on them. So, that it never comes out. Nice shine these beads have.

We hope that through the above blog we were able to give you some details about the craft supplies. If you still have some queries then let us know at and we will reply you happily.