December 3, 2019

Sequins Online at Wholesale Prices

This wedding season what is shining the most is the beautiful work of sequin paillettes. They make any design shining and beautiful. They can also make it possible for dresses, bags, and footwear to look absolutely stunning.

These sew on sequins are so versatile that they can be used for doing any creative work be it craft work or decoration. They are available in so varieties and this is what makes them always in trend. It gives you so many opportunities to work creatively. The most popular are Gold Sequins and Silver Sequins. However, if you are really looking for adding uniqueness to your designs then green, blue, white, black, yellow, pink, red, purple etc can do the magic for you.

Reversible sequins are one thing that you will find so interesting. They are surely one thing that you must try ones because the way they will make your designs look and the playfulness they will add to your work would be phenomenal.

Flat round sequins and flower sequins are the most popularly used pieces. They can make your designs look charming and interesting. They can also be used for making various jewelry items. The cupped sequins when used with beads create a magic of their own.

Not only this, you can find their wide use in nail art too. I am sure once you get into touch with these glittery pieces, you are going to love the world of shimmer and shine.

At, you can find various types of beautiful sequins at wholesale prices. From different shapes like round, square, triangle, heart, rectangle to different sizes like 2mm, 3mm etc, you can find them all online.

Last but not the least, the various beautiful finishes can surely make these pieces even more likeable. From platinum, crystal, matte to velvet, you can find them in more than 15 different finishes.

If you are someone who are looking for some vintage look in your designs then you can go for metal sequin. They are available in gold, silver and gunmetal color.

So, this was all about various types of sequins.