February 19, 2020

Multi Color Rhinestones Online for Sale

If you are looking for stones that are perfect for making jewelry and doing embroidery then you are at the right place. Today we are going to talk about multipurpose rhinestones that are must-have to your collection. These stones can be used for making wedding jewelry as well as decorating couture wears. Let’s know more about them:

1) Kundan Stone: Kundan stones are one of the most beautiful stones. They are available in three different types which gives you many options to experiment and find the right stone your project. Kundan stones have been used for jewelry making and embellishment since the earlier days. After so many years their beauty is still untouched and their timeless elegance is still alive. They are still the symbol of royalty.

You can find kundan stones with mount which can be easily used for making jewelry with the help of jump rings or soldering. The other comes with bezel, you can easily paste them to any surface with the help of glue. The last one is simple stone which are mainly used for decorating paintings. You can choose the one according to your requirement.

2) Cabochon Stone: These beautiful stones are dome shaped and have gorgeous patterns on them which makes them really unique. These big stones are perfect for adding definition to any project. The beautiful color and overall charm makes them the point of attraction. These lovely rhinestones can make your jewelry, embroidery and craft projects much more beautiful. These stones come in holder which has four holes. The necklaces made with these stones are perfect for all occasions. These are perfect stones for jewelry making.

So, this was all about various types of rhinestones you can use for embroidery, jewelry making and crafting.