Various Types of Beads for Jewelry Making

The festive and wedding season is just around the corner and with designer dresses you will need designer jewelry to create the magic. And what’s better than jewelry beads to create designer jewelry items. In this blog, we are going to discuss about various wholesale beads that are trending this season:

1) Natural Stone Beads: They are available in various colourful patterns and designs. They come in various shapes, so, you can get a nice opportunity to mix and match them and create your masterpiece in your own creative way.

2) Kundan Work Beads: These have a beautiful work of kundan on them. They are available in two different shapes, rectangle and round. You are going to love how these will transform your jewelry designs. You can add them to necklaces, bracelets, anklets earrings and more. I am sure you are going to love the traditional look they are going to provide to your designs. These are by far the best beads for jewelry making.

3) Superduo Beads: Sometimes also referred as twin beads, superduo beads are small beautiful pieces that have two holes in them. You can easily use them to create unique jewelry designs. They are available in various colors which can make your designs much more interesting and charming.

4) Metal Beads and Pipes: These are tube beads that are available in various patterns, sizes and colors. You are going to love how they can work as perfect spacers in your jewelry designs. They are very easy to use and are charming too. They are most used beads for jewelry making.

5) Peanut Beads: These are called peanut and farfalle beads because they resemble the shape of peanut and butterfly. When used together, these beads form a pattern by interlocking themselves to form an amazing pattern.

6) Ceramic Beads: These colourful beads come in two shapes, round and tube. They are perfect for making kids jewelry items and decorating craft projects. You are going to love the variety of colors available in them.

7) Jasper Beads: These gemstone beads have unique pattern on each bead. They are perfect for making jewelry items that will provide you a bohemian look.

So, this was all about various beads that are trending now. You buy all these beads online at wholesale prices only on Please let me know in the comments below which bead you like the most and what are going to make with it.