August 3, 2020

Embroidery Frames/Hoops and Stands Online at Wholesale Prices

Different materials and tools are required to complete any embroidery project. Embroidery frame is a most important tool for any embroidery project. There are different types of embroidery frames. So for your project you need to know about each embroidery frame, so that you can create the perfect embroidery design that you have imagined. Embroidery frames can be divided into two main categories. Let us now know about these categories:

(A). Slate Embroidery Frames/Adda: Slate embroidery frames or adda are used for large projects. It has four pieces of wood. These four pieces of wood divided into pairs of two bars. First wooden pair is a roller bars and another is a side bars. There are holes on the bars to adjust the fabric. Slate embroidery frame can be used from small fabric to very large fabric. Both hands are free while using this frame, which can be used for stitching. We have various sizes (3 foot to 6 foot) of these frames online on our embroidery tools store and we do worldwide shipping.

(B). Embroidery Hoops: An embroidery hoop is made up of two rings. The first ring has a smaller diameter and the second ring has a slightly larger diameter than the first ring. There is a metal screw on the larger ring that tightens the fabric. Embroidery hoops are made of wood or plastic. Embroidery hoops are small in size and you can control them with one hand. You can easily move them on surface. Embroidery hoop come in many sizes. Larger hoop is perfect for thick fabric and smaller hoop is perfect for thinner fabric.

Various shapes of embroidery hoops:

Round Embroidery Hoop: The shape of these embroidery hoops is round. These circular embroidery hoops are very easy to hold. These round embroidery hoops are available in different sizes (4 Inch to 14 Inch) only on our embroidery tools store.

Square Embroidery Hoop: These are used to create square embroidery designs. These are perfect for machine embroidery.

Oval Embroidery Hoop: These hoops are oval in shape.

Triangle Embroidery Hoop: These hoops are triangular in shape and these are perfect for triangular embroidery design.

Circular Embroidery Hoop With Iron Stand: This round wooden frame come with iron stand. We have two special sizes of this frame, 14 Inch and 18 Inch.

Height Adjustable Embroidery Hoop: This frame consists a embroidery stand and a circular hoop. Height and angle of this frame can be adjusted easily.

These are different types of embroidery frames/hoops. These embroidery frames are online available at wholesale prices only on and worldwide shipping is available.