March 4, 2020

Empires And Puzzles Hack Apk Ios 💰 Empires And Puzzles Cheats For Iphone / Android [2020 Tutorial]

Remember when you could purchase mobile games? You remember, we used to do this thing where we charged and only played the game once? Perhaps you didn't get a new splash screen every ten minutes that tells you that you can buy more special coins for half a second. Maybe the creators were able to only make and sell a drug instead of whale fishing? Pepperidge Farm remembers, and I also know. Sadly, these days have gone a long way, so I had to take my big girl pants and pull them in to study Empires and Puzzles.

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Empires and Puzzles, like so many others, is a combination with three puzzle games, but it also has a number of Collectible Card game-like features that collect heroes with varying rareness to battle more monsters or matches. If that wasn't enough, it also has a base design and expansion portion. I'm pretty sure Googled is Little Giant "What kind of mobile games make money?"And the top three added. They have placed pandas in Tai-Chi to be positive.

The combination of genres makes the game very complicated. You are going to spend a lot of time managing resources to help improve your foundation with food sources for your soldiers and iron to build new structures and combat items. You will also have time to collect cards to get the best heroes. Your heroes will eat up your shellfish heroes ' cards (you can get XP, but the heroes do not) and the better a hero becomes, the more their colour assaults. In fact, every hero has a skill that can be a boost, a powerful attack or a healing tool. You get mane to cast them by mixing gems and the matches submit a squadron of troops heading straight before the monsters. You can also upgrade these soldiers to even more strength with your chips.

Your hero in Empires & Puzzles is at one stage pricey and time consuming, so I learn about approaches that I totally disagree with, so I have spent a lot of time on the various tactics and wanted to share my conclusions here that I feel are the best long-term solution to improving your heroes.

This guide includes two parts, the first one explains the heroes you can feed on and why, so you can get the most out of the guide. The second section also provides you with more detail on how to feed the lot of heroes for your big heroes, especially on the training camp rates.
Feeding The Right Heroes Well, you simply feed heroes who will fill the XP bar and level your hero up–sounds simple, but when feeding your heroes there are some stuff you need to consider, otherwise you will burn a lot of experience and food as well.

The best solution is for 10 lower heroes of the same colour, ideally the same hero if you do have it, still feeding the heroes for several reasons: The first factor is the enhancement of ability and that refers to all heroes except legendary (5Sterne)*. In specific 3-star heroes but rarely even 4-star heroes can be at the highest level, but only at around 5/8. The thing is that there is no way to raise this hero, so there's no chance to raise your skill level and your hero's not as good.

Legendary heroes have many stages to go through which it's very challenging not to improve their abilities when you have them at level 80.

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The second reason you feed only the same colour is that you get extra experience plus the same colour increases the likelihood of raising the level of ability. When you feed another colour hero, you'll have just 1% chance in lieu of 2%–or elsewhere, feeding random 10 1-star heroes will only offer 10% chance to improve heroism rather than 20%..

Here are the odds of rating a hero of the same colour to send you 1 star= 2%2 star= 4%3 star= 4%4 star= 8%5 star= 10% exact copy= 25% Third reason is that you are saving a tonne of food over time. If you rate a hero (no matter the one hero or 10 heroes you use to do this), the next time you pay, the price will increase. If you feed a 3-Star hero, for the first time you pay 2,100 food per hero you serve, it can be over 10,000 food by the time you reach this 3-Star hero at level 50.

That is why you will never feed them 1-star heroes one by one, this will make them even more costly. So, TL;DR just feeder 10 heroes of the same colour: make sure you have the highest chance of achieving the maximums of your hero save time and money with increased experience.
Now let's think about the hundreds of heroes you have to feed the heroes to level them up. So let's talk about them.

First, the training camps are the best way to get them–but with 20 different training approaches at each session, there are plenty of chances, right?

So, I've gone and provided the most appropriate trainees here at the Training Camp for a constant supply of feeder heroes − the Training Camp Setup For me, it's always the best setup which helps me to run any training camps 24/7 without burning all my food–because I'm still in need of the food to level my heroes up.

No matter what, try to reach Stronghold Level 20 and Training Level 11, this offers you the cheapest training and 4 Training Camps!

Training Camp 1 should always exercise level 1, which needs Wooden Sword Training Camp 2 should always train level 2 which requires backpacks Training Camp 3 + 4, should train level 11 which is by far the cheapest option accessible which involves nothing but training and food)–if you have not yet activated it, take level four.

Always use 1-Star and 2-Star heroes you have learned to eat, preparing 3-Star heroes to feed them is not worth it, it requires as many as 10 time to train them and it also costs as many as 10 times more to get the XP double for it–instead you can choose 10 2-Star or 1-Star heroes so you pay less for more XP earned.

Level 5-9 preparation costs around 5-6 times more food per XP gained from the heroes, so do not use them if you do not really need a hero of that particular colour.