December 13, 2019

Impact Driver vs. Drill: Get the Right Tool for Your Next Job

You must be wondering which one you should buy an Impact driller or a Drill. Before making a decision let us understand the difference between the two. A drill is a home toolbox indispensable for almost any DIY project or to repair home. However, depending on what kind of project is, Impact Driver is used.

At a glance, both of the tools might look similar as they sit on a store shelf, but they have certain differences as well as similarities. Both Brushless Impact Driver and Impact Drill come in cordless and corded models. Offering a reverse direction setting to make releasing fasteners easier. It is true that you can handle all kinds of job by just choosing the right tool.

Most of the time, we are confused regarding the selection of the right tool for a particular job. With so many options available in the market it becomes a little difficult task to understand which tool will be appropriate to finish a task. This becomes more difficult when they perform a similar function. It might not be a difficult task for an expert to figure out but for a person, they are in dilemma.

Well coming to the discussion of 18v Impact Driver vs Drill it can be said that these tools are not interchangeable. This article will guide you to understand the difference between impact drivers and drill so that you make the right choice and sound investment depending on the task that you are willing to accomplish.

Let us point out the difference between the impact driver and a drill-

1. Drill Design:-

A standard drill-driver is an excellent all-purpose tool. The head has a chuck-keyed or keyless-used to hold bits in place. The tool usually has a low speed used for driving screws and other fasteners and a higher speed for drilling. By contrast, an Impact Driver is more compact and lighter weighted than a standard drill driver and has more twisting force. Usually, Power tool batteries like cordless impact drivers are 12volt, 18volt or 20V.  18V Impact Drivers are used to doing those tasks which cannot be performed with the help of a standard drill.

2. Usage:-

Standard drills are basically used for drilling holes and driving in small fasteners. The main purpose of the impact drivers is to drive large fasteners. Large bolts can be driven with more ease if it is performed with long screws, with the use of an adapter. Some basic drilling tasks can e-accomplished with an Cordless impact wrench and Impact Driver set.

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