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What is the Average Life of CR123A Batteries?

The CR123A batteries are commonly household single-use batteries commonly used in torch flashlights, cameras, etc. The common configuration of the CR123A batteries is 3 volts, 2 or 3 cells with lithium-based composition.

Enegitech: Introducing the Industry's Best Cordless Power Tool Kit

Power tools are handheld professional industrial tools operated either by use of electricity or batteries as they are constructed with an electric motor.

Valentine Special Giveaway: Win F3 Club SVIP Membership & Enjoy its Benefits

We are back again with the new excitement and loads with attractive discounts. The lucky three winners are eligible to unlock a 50% discount from the F3 SVIP membership plan.

Battery Backup: Safe & Reliable Power Battery for Hurricane Snowstorm

The science and technology have progressed leaps and bounces especially in the field of power and energy. The contribution of science and technology has been evidently seen in professional sectors such as automobile industries, space technology, the communication sector, agriculture, power, and various similar sectors.

Tool Usage: Can You Use 18V Impact Wrench to Remove Lug Nuts?

The scope of progress science and technology has made in recent times is boundless and tremendously expansive. The aim of this progressive sector is simply to make the life of human beings easier and comfortable. The ability to imagine, invent, develop, build and then further enhance that achievement is an inspirational quality.

Effective Guide: Learn How to Clean Cordless Tools to Gain its Performance?

We are sure that you still worry about how to maintain your hand tools and power tools which makes any improvements and repairs project easier, safer and effective.

Why Batteries Drains Much Faster Especially During Cold Weather?

There was a discussion going amongst the researchers about the degradation of battery capacity, especially in cold weather areas. Nowadays much-reputed company’s’ like Enegitech, Apple and other manufacturing companies’ issuing a guideline for consumers to use devices between the temperatures (-40 to 55°) to retain maximum performance.

Which Batteries are Efficient for High Consuming Power Devices?

Electronic devices and gadgets are very integral aspects of the lives of the modern-day people all across the globe as they are extremely crucial to modern times due to their prominence. Batteries and their technical advancement have contributed immensely in the progress the electronic devices have made. In this article, the focus is on providing information regarding batteries which are efficient when high power-consuming devices are concerned.

Power Equipment X-mas Gift Guide Before the Year Ends

In spite of all festive cheer and time with your near and dear ones that come with the vacation season, it can also be a time of stress when you are planning on buying gifts for everyone in your life. Choosing gifts is the most difficult part when it comes to gift it to your loved ones. Many times we dishearten people with the incorrect selection of gifts, so this time before the year ends gets beautiful gifts for your dear ones.

Impact Driver vs. Drill: Get the Right Tool for Your Next Job

You must be wondering which one you should buy an Impact driller or a Drill. Before making a decision let us understand the difference between the two. A drill is a home toolbox indispensable for almost any DIY project or to repair home. However, depending on what kind of project is, Impact Driver is used.