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Combined Heat and Power technology is a decentralised power generation system that guarantees advanced energy efficiency.
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Evo Energy Technologies are the Australian natural gas cogeneration company bringing 2G’s CHP technology which is the combined heat and power technology system that guarantees advanced energy efficiency to the overall Australian business sectors.

Rivalea Biogas Generator Project

Evo Energy Technologies and  2G Energietechnik have successfully implementated custom-built 500 kW combined heat and power unit for Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd. Their strategy is to reduce energy consumption with their imminent biogas generator. Visit the website to know more.

2G Biogas CHP and Natural Gas Generator

Evo Energy Technologies 2G Biogas Cogeneration system are 40% more efficient than ultra-low efficient micro turbines. Its applications are AG Biogas, W2E Biogas, WWTP Biogas and LFG Biogas. Visit the site to know more about 2G Biogas CHP.

Trigeneration Power Plant Australia

Evo Energy Technologies’ Trigeneration combines 2G CHP power generation with an absorption chiller. As this chiller absorb the additional waste heat from cogeneration system which can be used in cooling process by converting the heat into chilled water. Visit the site to know more about Trigeneration.

Landfill Gas Flare and Power Generation

Get detailed information of landfill gas flare and power generator before investing money to get the best one. Browse our website to know more!

Integrated Solutions That Reduces Energy Consumption

Evo Energy Technologies offers customised equipment solutions for reduction of electricity consumption, gas consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Their core area for savings are cogeneration and trigeneration technology, heat pump technology and heat recovery technology. Visit the site to know more.

Biogas Energy Solutions & Biogas Treatment Systems for Protected CHP Investment

Protect your CHP investment with

Natural Gas Cogeneration Plants & 2g Natural Gas CHP in Australia

Evo Energy Technologies offers the

CHP Combined Heat and Power & Cogeneration Solution

Evo Energy Technologies specialise in the field of cogeneration, heat pump, and heat recovery technologies. They offers the Australian market with the best possible solutions to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.