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Cogeneration Power Plant

The Fremantle Aquatic Centre CHP and Geothermal Heating Project is a project combining a Cogeneration unit with a Ground Source Heat Pump. It employs a Shallow Aquifer Geothermal Bore System. Browse the website to know more

Rivalea Biogas Generator

Rivalea hasa partnership with Evo Energy and 2G to minimize environmental footprint & reduce energy consumption during biogas generator installation. To know more, visit:

White Water World

Evo Energy Technologies CS GEN2 heat pumps

Trigeneration Power Plant

Evo Energy Technologies

Landfill Gas Power Generation

Open-frame models provide ease of access for maintenance and service and well as high levels of flexibility. They also have no sound output. Visit the site to know more!

Natural Gas Cogeneration

2G Acoustic Cabinets are designed for indoor installation purposes by Evo Technologies. It is easy to install the component for substantial sound reduction and it is specially designed for installation in the existing buildings. Visit the site to know more.

Chp Combined Heat And Power

With the concrete enclosure, noise levels can be reduced to 45 dB (A) at 10 m and it will be effective in residential areas. A concrete acoustic enclosure can easily be positioned on site. Visit the website to know more about such products.

Cogeneration Plants Australia

The 2G cogeneration container system is economically efficient and energy competent as they provide connection ready CHP operations. Container systems are easily portable, compact and have an all-in-one design and application. Visit the site to know more!