Paramraj Singh Umranangal Gets Double Relief From the Court

PS Umranangal Demands Case Diary of the Challan

IPS PS Umrangal Seek Case Diary of The Challan

As per Paramraj Singh Umranangal Latest News, after being accused by the SIT in the Kotkapura Goli scandal, SIT arrested Paramraj Singh from Chandigarh. Investigation team then took IG on police remand and questioned him. The Sikhs claimed that after the disrespect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, police action was initiated on a peaceful protest at Kotkapura.

IGP Umranangal has appealed to the court to instruct the government to submit a case diary of the challan filed against him. In this regard, the court has fixed the date for July 19 for a public response.

An important hearing of the Kotkapura firing case took place in Faridkot court. Meanwhile, Paramraj Singh Umranangal demanded the court to submit a case diary through the SIT. The court has sought response from the Punjab government and adjourned the matter to the specified date.

Kotkapura Firing Case: Police Officers Stabbed in Case Diary

ig umranangal demands details of sit case diaries

On the last date, Paramraj Singh Umranangal IPS demanded that the case be presented in a diary court. The demand for 5 police officers accused in Kotkapura firing has not been pursued and the matter has now been adjourned. Four of the five police officers and Ex MLA Mantar Singh Brar, who is one of the Kotkapura firing case accused appeared in the Faridkot court while one of the key accused, who happens to be a highly designated police officer in this case, was acquitted.

Even after nearly an hour-long debate, the case diary was not settled, and the court adjourned the matter to July 24. All the accused have to be present on this day. It is worth mentioning that the case diary is a document in which any investigative team records the full details of the nominees' inquiries on a daily basis. Although the case details cannot be handed over to the persons involved in the case diary, the accused charged in this case has demanded case diary to be presented to a valid court.

IG Umranangal Arrives in Faridkot Court After Obtaining Bail

PS Umranangal was remanded to judicial custody in Patiala jail. Meanwhile, he filed a bail application in Faridkot's sessions court, which was rejected by the court on March 7. After that, Umranangal filed his bail application in the High Court where IGP Umranangal got bail in 2015 Kotkapura firing case.

Punjab police officer Paramraj Singh, who is said to be involved in the Kotkapura firing case, appeared in the Faridkot court. The court has given a date for re-appearing on June 10. On this occasion, Umranangal's lawyer Gursahib Singh said that it was a normal attendance as no challan has been filed in the matter till now. He said that no action was being taken on the matter in the court.

IGP Umranangal Gets Double Relief From Court

In fact, Punjab Police IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal, believed to be accused in Kotkapura firing case, has now been granted bail by a Faridkot court too. In fact, he had recently received a Blanket Bail in the Behbal Kalan Firing Case. There were discussions that the SIT had arrested him in the above mentioned case. As per court directions, the police will have to give seven days notice before the arrest of Umranangal. After this, he has now received double relief from the court.

Paramraj Singh Umranangal was arrested by the Special Investigation Team on February 18 for investigation of Kotkapura shooting and remained on police remand till February 26. Umarangal was subsequently placed in judicial custody for 14 days. But now he has got the bail.

Captain Government to Cancel Bail Plea of Kotkapura Accused

The state government will challenge the bail of the accused in the Kotkapura case. Congress president Sunil Kumar Jakhar has disclosed that he is going to challenge IG's bail. During the press conference here, he acknowledged that the government was a little loose in the Kotkapura matter but that all the Culprits would be behind bars soon.

Congress president Jakhar also lashed out at the offer of arrest all the culprits by the former chief minister over the shooting cases. He said that if Badal did nothing then he don't have to be afraid.

The Congress government in Punjab is left red-faced as four of five members of a SIT set up to probe the incidents of 2015 have disassociated themselves from its report blaming the Badal government . Implying that the investigation is transparent and things are being made available in public domain, the official said that SIT will question more people if required.