This is how I see the zombie apocalypse

A week ago I decided to make a fan video about the resident evil universe. So, the process has begun! There are no zombies, shots, weapons and/or key characters yet, but the process of developing scenes has begun. I remind you that the style of the video is 3D motion (very dynamic video).

Thanks to your help and the answers to the questions I asked last week, it became clear what needs to be shown in the video, albeit a very short one. My favorite scenes, both in the game and in the movies, are the subway scenes. For this reason, the video will start with it.

I definitely plan to show weapons and other iconic items. I will make references for attentive!

By the time this article was published, it was not possible to do this, but the objects below will be replaced with something more expressive than just rectangles.

I already talked about the weapon, right? Well, this is a pistol! Does not look like it? Well, it's because his hand is holding it. And the sleeves will fall from above. In short, you will see everything!

For the first time I got acquainted with the universe of resident evil in childhood, when I played with my brother in the 3rd part on the Sega Dreamcast console. Then there was the movie, comics and other parts of the game. Therefore, it means a lot to me. I will try to put the first scenes in order as soon as possible and show you the first results!