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Vassals here can πŸ”¨πŸ†•construct new buildings or πŸ”¨οΈexpand existing ones to accommodate more vassals."

Builders 🧱 are in the white district βšͺ️. The maximum size of the Builders 🧱 is limited by your title 🎊: 2 builders 🧱 for Knights/Dames, 3 builders 🧱 for Baron/Baroness, and 1 more with each title 🎊. After a promotion, you will be able to expand Builders 🧱 when your current build πŸ”¨ is finished. Once a build πŸ”¨οΈ has been started it may be completed with gold πŸ’°, 1 Gold πŸ’° = 2 hammers πŸ”¨οΈ; however, you must have enough gold πŸ’° to pay off the build 🧱 in single payment. Canceling a build πŸ”¨ will loose all build πŸ”¨ progress.

/visit_4 /build_(building_id) /build_finish /build_cancel 

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