15 Reasons Why Successful Farmers Use Tractor GPS Guidance Systems and How This Save up to 40EUR/ha

Driving in straight parallel lines on a tractor is a real pain for almost every farmer. Can a Tractor GPS Guidance System help you tackle this problem single-handedly?

FieldBee has over 10 years of experience in precision farming technologies. Our App has been downloaded by over 85,000 farmers from all over the world. We decided to ask our community whether or not they need a navigation system to carry out their work. We have received more than 1000 answers. (Wow!)

90% of our community of FieldBee have reached out and let us know that they need Tractor GPS Guidance Systems.

Below you can find the TOP 15 reasons for WHAT farmers are using it and WHY:

  1. It improves efficiency and saves costs. 80% of farmers state that this is the main reason they have a GPS guidance system.
  2. It works in rows. Don’t miss spots. Don’t do overlaps. This is especially important for seeding, tilling, spraying, as well as other important field operations.
  3. The ability to work at night and during low visibility. To assist during and after rain and/or dust.
  4. Operator comfort and safety. Reduce stress. “Must confess it helps me in those difficult hours staying awake and focused” – wrote one of our users. “The fertilising would be much easier” – wrote another one.
  5. Drive like a PRO. So less experienced operators can work in tractors.
  6. Avoid obstacles such as rocks and ground hog holes.
  7. Keep data about the fieldwork. Easy calculation of distance and area. Saving job report.

Many farmers replied to us that they wish to have a navigation system but their fields are too small to justify buying one. We have good news for these farmers. The price of our new GPS antenna that we are about to launch will pay back even on small scale!

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Let's get back to the list:

8. Section control (visual).

9. Save time. Our farmers now spend 10%-35% less time on their work. What is around 1-3,5 hours per day or 30-100 hours per month. We proud of this.

10. Find unsprayed areas.

11. Traceability.

12. Precision. More accurate planting and boom spraying.

13. Blind weeding in organic farming.

14. Better for the environment.

15. And finally for laying out traps in perfectly straight lines in for instance a crawfish pond.

Thank you for reading this. Next time we will be talking about the myths and realities about the accuracy of navigation systems. How much accuracy do you really need? Is it 50 cm, 20 cm or 0 cm?

This is what we have learned from our community of FieldBee. It would be very interesting to hear about your experiences.

You can also check our app reviews from more than 1000 farmers.