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Changes in the Golden Thousand

In accordance with the Ranking Methodology, there have been changes in the Golden Thousand. The inclusion in this list of films produced in 2014-2016 that meet the established criteria, as well as changes in audience ratings on the IMDB and Kinopoisk websites during 2019-2021, led to the loss of 65 films from the Golden Thousand and their replacement by others. Among the films that have fallen out of the Golden Thousand, there are several films that have already been published on the FilmGourmand blog. Including:

Ranking methodology

In order to compile a list of the best films of all time, I have studied all, well, or almost all, existing similar lists and ratings. As a rule, these ratings are based on either audience votes on sites dedicated to cinema, or the opinions of film critics, or the individual preferences of ordinary moviegoers. And none of the published ratings seemed ideal. And here are the reasons.

FilmGourmand's Mission

In childhood, adolescence, and much of my adult life, like most of my peers who were born and raised in the Soviet Union, I could not choose which films to watch. There were two sources of film production for moviegoers: cinemas and television. And both sources belonged to the state. And both were guided by rigid ideological dogmas. Therefore, we can say that there was a strict principle in relation to cinema: eat what they give. A kind of outlet, at least for me, in those years was the Moscow International Film Festival with its competitive and out-of-competition screenings and the weeks of Italian, French and other foreign cinema held in Moscow from time to time. During these events, I literally "came off", swallowing up to 5-6 films...

70 years of Umberto D.

On January 10, 1952, the premiere of Vittorio De Sica's film "Umberto D." took place in the Uruguayan resort town of Punta del Este. The screenwriter of the film was the famous Italian writer Cesare Zavattini, according to whose scripts, in particular, such films as "Ladri di biciclette (Bicycle Thieves)", "Bellissima (Beautiful)", "La ciociara (Two Women)" were shot.

60 years of A Night Before Christmas

On January 8, 1962, Alexander Rou's film "A Night Before Christmas (Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka)" was released on the screens of Soviet cinemas.

Carnival Night is 65!

On December 29, 1956, Eldar Ryazanov's film "Carnival Night" was released on the screens of Soviet cinemas, which became the first full-length feature film in the filmography of this director.

70 years of the Beautiful

The premiere of Luchino Visconti's film "Bellissima (Beautiful)" took place on 28 December 1951 in Milan, at the "Manzoni" cinema.

Jubilee of the Great Marlene

On December 27, 1901, in a suburb of Berlin - Schöneberg - in the family of Louis Erich Otto Dietrich and his wife Wilhelmina Elisabeth Josefina, née Felsing, a second daughter was born, who was named Maria Magdalena. Maria Magdalena's mother came from a very wealthy family of owners of jewelry and watch shops, and the girl's father served in the police. Apparently, Mary Magdalene's dad led a rather promiscuous sex life, since he died of syphilis in 1907. At the age of 11, Maria Magdalena decided, as they would say today, to optimize her name and made one of the halves of her two names - Marlene. Under this name, she became known to the whole world. But, of course, not right away. At first, thanks to the financial situation of her...

60 years of the Divorce Italian Style

On December 20, 1961, the premiere of the comedy "Divorzio all'italiana (Divorce Italian Style)" by Pietro Germi took place in Rome. The film was the debut of the great actress Stefania Sandrelli, who turned 15 that year.

60 years of The Children's Hour

On December 19, 1961, William Wyler's film "The Children's Hour" with a brilliant duet starring Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine was released on the screens of US cinemas.