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95th anniversary of the founder of the "spaghetti western" genre

On January 3, 1929, in Rome, son Sergio was born to the family of filmmaker Roberto Roberti (real name Vincenzo Leone) and his wife Bice Valerian (real name Edwige Valcarenghi), a silent film actress.

Li Gong's Birthday

On December 31, 1965, in the city of Shenyang, China's Liaoning province, the fifth child, a girl, was born to a professor of economics at Liaoning University Lijie Gong and his wife Ying Zhao, an employee of the same university. The Gong family already had one daughter, and in accordance with the then demographic policy of the PRC, the birth of a second girl was undesirable and capable of bringing the authorities' discontent on the family. But the girl's parents were not afraid to go against the guidelines of the Chinese communist government and never regretted it.

Birthday of Fanny and Alexander

On December 17, 1982, premiere of the "Fanny and Alexander" by Ingmar Bergman took place in Sweden.

Birthday of the Lawrence of Arabia

On December 10, 1962, David Lean's film "Lawrence of Arabia" was presented to the British royal family in London. A day later, the demonstration of this picture began in UK cinemas.

Anniversary of the Brief Encounter

On November 19, 1945, the premiere of David Lean's melodrama "Brief Encounter" took place in London.

Lyudmila Gurchenko's Birthday

On November 12, 1935, in Kharkov, a daughter, Lyudmila, was born into the family of Mark Gavrilovich Gurchenkov and his wife Elena Alexandrovna, nee Simonova.

Louis Malle's Birthday

On October 30, 1932, in the town of Thumeries, Nord department, France, the fifth child, a boy, was born in the family of Pierre Malle and his wife Françoise, nee Béghin. The boy was named Louis Marie. Pierre Malle before his marriage to Françoise Béghin, the sister of a major industrialist Ferdinand Béghin, was a naval officer. After his marriage, he became director of a sugar factory owned by Ferdinand Béghin. Louis Malle's school years fell on the Second World War, during which Louis Marie Malle studied at a Catholic school located near Fontainebleau. Subsequently, some memories of school years formed the basis of his film "Au revoir les enfants (Goodbye children)".

55th Anniversary of The Lion in Winter

On October 30, 1968, Anthony Harvey's film "The Lion in Winter" was released in the United States.

65th Anniversary of the Ashes and Diamonds

On October 3, 1958, Andrzej Wajda's film "PopiĂłl i diament (Ashes and Diamonds)" was released in Polish cinemas.

Birthday of the Crank from 5th B

On August 21, 1972, Ilya Frez's film "Crank from 5th B" was released on the screens of Soviet cinemas. The film is based on Vladimir Zheleznikov's story "Crank from 6th B", published in 1962.