June 7, 2021

Birthday of Tatyana Drubich

On June 7, 1960, in Moscow, in the family of engineer Leonid Drubich and his wife Lyubov, who worked as an economist, a daughter, Tanya, was born.

Сто дней после детства (One Hundred Days After Childhood). Director Sergey Solovev, 1975. Movie's Rating - 8,838, 207th Rank in the Golden Thousand

Tanya Drubich already at the age of 12 played one of the main roles in the film "Пятнадцатая весна (Fifteenth Spring)". And the role of Lena Ergolina in the film "Сто дней после детства (One Hundred Days After Childhood)" by Sergey Solovev brought her all-Union fame. Nevertheless, despite the fact that doors of the institute of cinematography was open for her, after graduation the school she entered the medical institute and became an endocrinologist.

Десять негритят (Ten Little Indians). Director Stanislav Govorukhin, 1987. Movie's Rating - 8,130, 549th Rank in the Golden Thousand

Combining the work of a doctor in a district clinic with not-so-regular film work, Tatyana Drubich has played in 21 feature films to date. 2 films of them entered the Golden Thousand.

Асса (Assa). Director Sergey Solovev, 1987.

Thanks to this indicator and due to her beauty, Tatyana Drubich is included in the list of 100 most beautiful and sexy Actresses of world cinema, compiled by FilmGourmand.

Черная роза – эмблема печали, красная роза – эмблема любви (Black Rose Is an Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose Is an Emblem of Love). Director Sergey Solovev, 1989

In honor of the birthday of the wonderful Actress, we want to remind her fans of shots from the best films with her participation.

Спасатель (The Lifeguard). Director Sergey Solovev, 1980
Последняя сказка Риты (Rita's Last Fairy Tale). Director Renata Litvinova, 2012