June 19, 2021

Nicole Kidman's Birthday

June 20, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii (USA), in the family of Anthony David Kidman, a descendant of Scottish immigrants to Australia, a biochemist and clinical psychologist by profession, and his wife Janelle Ann (nee Glenny), who has Irish roots, a nurse by profession, daughter Nicole Mary was born.

Moulin Rouge!. Director Baz Luhrmann, 2001. Movie's Rating - 8,787, 212th Rank in the Golden Thousand.

The Kidman family, Australian by nationality, was in Honolulu due to the fact that Anthony Kidman was at that time graduating from the University of Hawai?i at Manoa. After graduating from university, Anthony Kidman got a job at the National Institute of Mental Health of the United States in Washington. However, due to the active participation of the Kidmans in mass protests against the Vietnam War, the family was forced to return to Australia, to Sydney in 1971.

Flirting. Director John Duigan, 1990.

In Sydney, Nicole attended North Sydney Girls' High School, combining this study with ballet classes, which she began at the age of three, as well as with an active participation in school theater performances. Thanks to these activities and thanks to her rather unusual appearance for Australia - pale-faced, red-haired, with the face of a Chinese doll - Nicole caught the eye of Australian film producers. As a result, at the age of 16, she starred simultaneously in two full-length feature films for kids: the adventure drama "Bush Christmas" and the crime comedy "BMX Bandits".

Dogville. Director Lars von Trier, 2003. Movie's Rating - 8,975, 171st Rank in the Golden Thousand.

A year after Nicole Kidman appeared on the screens of cinemas, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. In order to provide care for her sick mother, Nicole was forced to quit her studies and stop acting. She worked as a masseuse for a year. But as soon as Nicole's mother recovered, the young actress returned to work at the Australian Theatre for Young People. In parallel with her work in the theater, Nicole actively starred on Australian television.

The Hours. Director Stephen Doldry, 2002. Movie's Rating - 7,923, 818th Rank in the Golden Thousand.

The Soviet cinema viewer, or, more correctly, the TV viewer, had the opportunity to see Nicole Kidman on television for the first time at the very end of the 1980s, when, in the wake of perestroika, the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company managed to purchase and show the TV Mini-series "Bangkok Hilton" (1989). A sophisticated viewer by that time had already tried many similar films and series on VHS, in video salons. Therefore, the series did not make any special impression on the Soviet viewer. As well as Kidman's performance in this series.

Los otros (The Others). Director Alejandro Amenabar, 2001. Movie's Rating - 8,172, 515th Rank in the Golden Thousand.

But on Tom Cruise the role of Nicole Kidman in this television series, and even more in the film "Dead Calm" (1988) made a great impression. And he got Nicole Kidman to get a role in "Days of Thunder" (1990), where he himself starred. With this film, Nicole Kidman's Hollywood career began, as well as her romance with Tom Cruise, which grew into a marriage relationship.

Eyes Wide Shut. Director Stanley Kubrick, 1999.

The 90s became for Kidman a decade of regular filming (on average, one film per year) in various kinds of thrillers, detectives, mid-level action films in rather monotonous roles, but bringing very good fees (from two to 6 million dollars, which is equivalent to 3,5-10 million dollars today). Until Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" (1999) made a splash in the cinematic world. This film was the last in the work of the great filmmaker and the last in which Kidman and Cruise starred as official spouses.

Cold Mountain. Director Anthony Anthony Minghella, 2003.

After Kubrick's film, real film masterpieces come out almost one after another: "Moulin Rouge!" by Baz Luhrmann, "Los otros (The Others)" by Alejandro Amenabar, "The Hours" by Stephen Daldry, "Dogville" by Lars von Trier, "Cold Mountain" by Anthony Minghella. In each of these films, Kidman was unique, and sometimes, as, for example, in the movie "The Hours", she was unrecognizable indeed. And everywhere - infinitely talented.

The Railway Man. Director Jonathan Teplitzky, 2013.

Up to now, Nicole Kidman counts in her filmography the roles in 61 full-length feature film, in addition to numerous roles in television films and television series. 4 of these 61 films entered the Golden Thousand. This "track record" and unconditional stunning beauty allowed FilmGourmand to include Nicole Kidman in the list of 100 most beautiful and sexy movie Actresses.

Paddington. Director Paul King, 2014.

Nicole Kidman's acting achievements were marked by 102 film awards, of which the most prestigious are the British BAFTA award, the Silver Bear of the Berlin International Film Festival, the Oscar and three Golden Globes.

Lion. Director Garth Davis, 2016. Movie's Rating - 7,954, 770th Rank in the Golden Thousand.

As usual, in honor of the Actress's birthday, we invite her fans to recall shots from the best films with her participation.