Anniversary of When Harry Met Sally...

July 12, 1989, in New York, the premiere of Rob Reiner's romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally…"

The film received a large number of laudatory reviews. The most capacious, as if summarizing all the reviews, described this film by Rita Kempley from "The Washington Post": "When Harry Met Sally . . ." is a sweet, embraceable comedy, a moonstruck Manhattan romance that, like a Gershwin tune, turns the sighs and glances, the spats and reconciliations, all the cliches of the heart into infectious melody. It's a movie that walks on air."

The key word in this review, for me personally, is "sweet." And in fact - beautiful actors, beautiful music, beautiful interiors ... Thanks to which you do not even think about the mental abilities of the characters who took 12 years (!) to understand that they cannot live without each other. :-) Perhaps, which is why Roger Ebert gave this film only three stars out of four possible.

Some facts that caught our attention:
- The work on the film began with a meeting between director Rob Rainer, screenwriter Nora Efron and producer Andrew Scheinman at the restaurant of Russian cusine “Russian Tea Restaurant” in New York. And here it was not without Russians :-)

- In the image of Harry there are some character traits of Rob Rainer, and in the image of Sally - some habits and demeanor of Nora Efron. Perhaps that is why Meg Ryan starred in several films based on the scripts of Nora Efron, in particular, “You've Got Mail” and “Sleepless in Seattle”.

- The scene when Sally imitates an orgasm at a table in a cafe, and then her neighbor then orders "I am the same as her," is recognized as one of the funniest in world cinema. By the way, the scene was not shot from the first take, and Meg Ryan had to portray an orgasm on the set many times for several hours.

- More than 60% of IMDB and Kinopoisk users gave the film ratings of 8 or more.

And according to the version of FilmGourmand, the film has a rating of 7.826 and takes 945th place in the Golden Thousand.