June 7, 2021

Anniversary of the Ghostbusters

On June 7, 1984, in the town of Westwood, California (USA), the premiere of the film "Ghostbusters" took place. Director - Ivan Reitman.

The next day, the film was shown in 1339 theaters in the United States.

The film was not awarded any significant nominations and, accordingly, did not receive any prestigious film awards.

However, the lack of festival success, it can be said, was more than compensated by commercial success: the box office of $ 282 million almost ten times exceeded the budget of the movie of $ 30 million. Moreover, in the first week of the demonstration in cinemas, the film raised $ 23 million, which was a record at that time for Columbia-Delphi Productions.

And this despite the fact that the filmmakers did not meet the planned deadlines and were forced to release an unfinished version on the screens of movie theaters. Spectators in cinemas for the most part did not notice technical flaws. But when the film is decomposed into separate frames, the roughness of special effects can be noticed.

Film critics everywhere very positively evaluated the work of Ivan Reitman. According to Roger Ebert, who rated the film quite high - three and a half stars out of 4 possible, «this movie is an exception to the general rule that big special effects can wreck a comedy. Special effects require painstaking detail work. Comedy requires spontaneity and improvisation; or at least that's what it should feel like, no matter how much work has gone into it.»

Curiously, according to Rottentomatoes.com, the number of positive reviews of a film by professional film critics exceeds the number of positive reviews from ordinary moviegoers (although it is often the opposite). Nevertheless, the audience’s success of the picture is quite obvious: 64% of IMDB and Kinopoisk users gave this film a rating of 8 or higher.

Based on the above, according to FilmGourmand’s version, the film has a rating of 7.866 and takes 898th Rank in the Golden Thousand.