Rechargeable LED Light Up Shoes

Lighten up your way uniquely with these well-designed light up shoes available at Flash Wear, the leading online store specialized in manufacturing all the thing that lit. These LED shoes are the great fashion trend that everyone love. Whether you are a dancer or shoe lovers these lighten up are perfect for you.

Flash Wear is well known as the biggest light up shoe brand and the creators of the fully recharged LED welly. You can find a wide range of LED shoes, clothing accessories, mud savers, LED head garlands and many more at lowest prices. If you are ordering our LED light up shoes for the first time, then avail this 10% off on your order by using this code Flash 10. Each of our products are designed and customized for all ages, according to our client requirements. We even offer after sales services to repair your worn out shoes. Below are the some of the best sale products are as follows:

Flash Wear Optics:

This flash wear optics is unique design by Flash Wear which is fully enlightened using state of the art LED. These shoes are perfect to rock your dance floor and no can turn their eyes without noticing it. It is manufactured with lightweight material to give maximum comfort to the users. The price is £74.99.

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Flash Wear X-Runners :

This Flash Wear X-runners comes in pink that changes in 15 different colours and 3 strobe setting. Made with mesh breathable material that flexibly bends and gives maximum comfort to the users. The top sole of the shoe is elasticated that helps to hug your ankle tightly in a comfortable manner. Suitable for girls and the price is £42.99.

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November 21, 2018
by @flashwear
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