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A guide to business and social etiquette in New York City

Get to the point, send flowers and don’t dilly-dally in the taxi line, or this city will eat you up

Non-English speakers are shut out of the top jobs

Staff who are asked to work in the language develop new hierarchies based on fluency

Think local: a guide to British business etiquette

To kiss or not to kiss? London is a global city but it still has its own rules on how to meet, greet, drink and dress

How to boost your brain power

A wave of training apps promise to improve on speed, focus, memory and sleep patterns. Rebecca Newman signs up for neurobics. Illustration by Miguel Porlan

Into the unknown: could Siberia be travel’s hot new destination?

A region long synonymous with exile and imprisonment is now attracting willing — and wealthy — visitors

The Bilingual Brain — the power of linguistics and learning

Albert Costa explores how bilingualism remains freighted with prejudice

An expat’s guide to living in Moscow

The culturally abundant Russian capital is welcoming to foreigners

What will happen in tech in 2020

Predictions for the year from the FT’s tech correspondents

Welcome to the age of the avatar

They have millions of fans and big endorsements, but there’s a twist — these ‘virtual celebrities’ don’t actually exist

Why I’m possessive about apostrophes

An endangered punctuation mark is being forced into extinction by the internet. Will it soon only exist in the pedant tense?