December 30, 2020

2020 and recruitment — how it was and how it will be in 2021: market analysis from Foxly

If we analyze the retrospective of 2020 conceptually, we can conclude that even the most ardent creationists believed in evolution and natural selection. 🙌

You've already read the principal articles, and I'm talking about the empirical 😉

Preparing the material, I've studied various results of the year in the recruitment field. I can infer that regional volatility, greed, contrariness, thirst for power (read "dictatorship and exploitation"), dumping ("successful" business model of Ukrainian business in case of crisis) affects recruitment more than coronavirus. And there will be a similar trend in 2021.

Take a screenshot 😉 So: 🔹 Migration has become a characteristic phenomenon. It is hard but necessary to accept the fact that the work cycle of your loyal employees is going to be reduced up to 1.5 years. Not because you are different or bad, but because the external dynamics stimulate the mobility of candidates for the sake of new projects.

🔹 Mimicry is still trendy. In 2021, you will be distinguished by the positioning "we don't use Google's management principles and motivation" better than vice versa.

🔹 Candidates do not like molecular gastronomy. It's proven: failure of more than three interviews per candidate. Do you really need developers in the marinade?

🔹 Talking about the importance of remote work is bad manners. Not another word from you!

I wish you were singing carols with your family on Christmas night instead of texting with candidates on Linkedin.