used car paint thickness detection

The used car trading market is very large in my country, and the average number of vehicles traded daily is about 62,000. However, how to distinguish the quality of second-hand cars and how to identify whether the car is an accident has become a required course for many people who intend to purchase second-hand cars. Here is an example of used car trading, look at the value of coating thickness gauges in used car transactions.
Xiao Dong is a newly-married young man. Due to family and work needs, a car must be added to the home. Unfortunately, it costs more to buy a house and a wedding. Xiao Dong can spend less on buying a vehicle, which makes it target the purchase of second-hand cars. After being introduced by a friend, Xiao Dong came to a second-hand car dealership. After seeing several batches of vehicles one by one, he stopped his eyes on a brand car that starts with the letter B. Although the appearance of the vehicle is very clean and beautiful, and the interior is simple and elegant, the price of the used car is much lower than that of the same batch of vehicles. The second-hand car dealers at the side have always stated that there is no problem with the car. Xiao Dong, who is not familiar with used cars, has been hesitant. The next day, in order to find out whether the vehicle had a problem, Xiao Dong went to Linshang Technology and bought a coating thickness gauge to test. After testing, it is found that the thickness of the paint coating on the surface of the vehicle is partly greater than 400μm and partly less than 100μm. Since the thickness of the normal car paint is known to be between 90-180μm at Linshang Technology, the part of the imported car will be between 200-300μm In the meantime, if there is a car with extremely uneven distribution of car paint, the paint thickness on the surface of the vehicle will be different after the accident. After using the coating thickness tester to measure the paint on the surface of the vehicle, Xiao Dong's heart was put down, and he was able to buy an accident car because it was cheap.