June 22, 2020

Glass VLT test

Whether it is ordinary glass or ultra-white glass, the transmittance can be measured with a transmittance instrument. Like some manufacturers, the accuracy of the instrument is not enough. For ultra-white glass with a transmittance higher than 90%, the test is completely inaccurate. Linshang Company There is a high-precision light transmittance meter LS116 , which adopts a parallel light path design and conforms to the CIE visual function standard. The test data is accurate and the operation is simple and convenient. The first choice for light transmittance. It can also be used to detect the light transmittance of flat transparent materials, organic materials, coating materials, glass (hollow/interlayer), smoke density boxes, etc.
Linshang LS116 light transmission meter is a professional instrument for testing the light transmittance of uniform light-transmitting materials. It uses a parallel light path design and can also be used to detect large thickness materials with an accuracy of ± 1%. Function standard to ensure the passing of testing by the Metrology Institute.