UV intensity meter measure the UVC irradiation intensity

Short-wave UVC, the wavelength is between bai200 ~ 275nm, also known as short-wave sterilization ultraviolet. Du's ability to penetrate zhi is weak, and dao cannot penetrate most transparent glass and plastic. The short-wave ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight are almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer and absorbed by the ozone layer before reaching the ground.Reaction to human body: UVC in nature is absorbed by the ozone layer before it reaches the ground, and the effect on the skin can be ignored. However, short-wave ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the human body and cannot be directly irradiated. If it is directly irradiated, the skin can be burned in a short time, and long-term or high-intensity irradiation may cause skin cancer.Application field: UVC germicidal lamp emits UVC short-wave ultraviolet. Short-wave UV is widely used in hospitals, air-conditioning systems, disinfection cabinets, water treatment equipment, drinking fountains, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, food factories, cosmetics factories, dairy products factories, breweries, beverage factories, Bakery and cold room.In addition to UVC, there are UVA, UVB, and UVD.UVA band, wavelength 320~420nm, also known as long wave black spot effect ultraviolet.The UVB band, with a wavelength of 275-320nm, is also called medium-wave erythema effect ultraviolet.The UVD band, with a wavelength of 100 to 200 nm, is also called vacuum ultraviolet.Among the three wavelengths of UVB, the wavelength can only reach the epidermis of the skin, while the longer wavelength UVA will penetrate deep into the skin, damage the dermis layer of the skin, and cause skin aging.
LS126C UV intensity meter can be used to measure the UVC band irradiation intensity.LS126C UV intensity meter is a professional instrument for measuring the intensity of UVC germicidal lamps, that is, the power of ultraviolet radiation energy per unit area. The UV radiometer is delivered with a 1-meter test hook in accordance with the 1-meter test requirements specified in the "WST 367-2012 Regulation of disinfection technique in healthcare settings" to ensure full compliance with the test standards. The LS126C UV radiation meter also has a Bluetooth data transmission function. After connecting with the mobile phone APP, it can monitor the intensity of the germicidal lamp in real time from a certain distance to avoid UV burns during the test.