How to test UVC LED light source intensity?

As the performance of UVC LEDs (Deep Ultraviolet LEDs) improves, the use of this relatively new technology in disinfection, life sciences, and environmental monitoring instruments is rapidly developing. UVC LEDs can reduce space and power consumption, thereby increasing the cost of ownership for end users.The application of UVC LEDs in spectroscopy is increasing because they can solve the market trends in miniaturization, cost reduction and real-time measurement. UVC LEDs have a high utilization rate in some water sterilization, air sterilization, surface sterilization and biomedicine. UVC LED The waveband range is generally around 260nm, 275nm and 280nm.The main applications are as follows:UVC LED can be used as a sterilization light source in the above applications. For more effective sterilization, it is necessary to monitor the intensity of ultraviolet LED lights in real time. LS126C UV light meter is a professional instrument for measuring the intensity of UVC germicidal lamps, that is, the power of ultraviolet radiation energy per unit area. The UV radiometer is delivered with a 1-meter test hook in accordance with the 1-meter test requirements specified in the "WST 367-2012 Regulation of disinfection technique in healthcare settings" to ensure full compliance with the test standards. The LS126C UV radiometer also has a Bluetooth data transmission function. After connecting with the mobile phone APP, it can monitor the intensity of the germicidal lamp in real time from a certain distance to avoid UV burns during the test.