UV lamp irradiation intensity measurement

The UV lamp only has the effect of sterilization and disinfection when it reaches a certain intensity, so we must check and ensure that the intensity of the UV lamp can achieve the sterilization effect before using the UV lamp. The intensity of ultraviolet light is the main factor of ultraviolet sterilization effect. In the process of using the ultraviolet lamp, its irradiation intensity will gradually decrease. In order to ensure the disinfection effect of the ultraviolet lamp and prevent the occurrence of nosocomial infection more effectively, it is very necessary to regularly check the intensity of the ultraviolet lamp. The wavelength of the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is generally 253.7nm, and it is necessary to use a UVC ultraviolet irradiator to detect the ultraviolet light intensity of the sterilization lamp.
Linshang LS126C UV light meter is a kind of ultraviolet irradiance meter specially used for energy detection of ultraviolet germicidal lamp. The spectral response range is 230nm-280nm, and the peak wavelength is 254nm. The instrument is equipped with a 1-meter hook, which can be hung vertically under the lamp very conveniently. The instrument comes with Bluetooth function, which can be linked to the APP dedicated to mobile phones to realize wireless monitoring data at a certain distance. To avoid being burned by ultraviolet rays when viewing data on site, truly save the data automatically during unattended measurement. Bring convenience to your UV energy monitoring.

Finally, I hope you can use ultraviolet lamps for home disinfection correctly. During the disinfection process, try not to enter the room, so as not to cause harm to the human body.