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Serial killers who were never caught

This is the story of those people, who have gone down in history as individuals, whose dark side, overshadowed not only their personality but also cast a dark shadow on society as a whole. This story about the worst serial killers in history, from around the world, throughout the centuries, shows how evil transcends all geographical and time barriers. Our list of the worst serial killers in history begins with Gilles de Rais. The story of the worst serial killers in history now passes to the new world: the United States of America, to be precise.

Who was Typhoid Mary

The answer to who was Typhoid Mary is a bit difficult, as she was a different person to different people. Typhoid Mary Mallon was born as Mary Malone, on 23rd September 1869 in Cookstown – a small village in Northern Ireland. people want to know about Typhoid Mary History. In 1906, Typhoid Mary Mallon who still was only “Mary Mallon” found employment as a cook under Charles Henry Warren, a wealthy banker.

ignaz semmelweis discovery

Some people will have questions that who invented the hand wash procedure, Who was Ignaz Semmelweis. Today we are going to tell you about these. we discuss Ignaz Semmelweis's history, which forms a very important part of the development of modern medicine. It is mainly due to Ignaz Semmelweis’s contribution that modern childbirth has become so safe procedure as Ignaz Semmelweis’s discovery of the benefits of handwashing

Harald Bluetooth Symbol

The most important testimonial of Harald Bluetooth comes from inscriptions found in a massive stone known as Jelling stone. According to local folklore, a stone initially discovered on the beach near the town of Vejle in Jutland was transported to Jelling on instructions of Harald Bluetooth, which later became famous as Jelling stone. Harald Bluetooth Symbol & Association with Modern Technology - Harald had Bluetooth as his nickname (“Blatant” in Danish), and two different reasons have been given for this. The first belief is that the old Viking king suffered from a bad tooth, that may have turned dark or blue in color.

Nuclear war in ancient history

Although many incidents from both Ramayana and Mahabharata resemble events in a nuclear war in ancient India. Man has used Nuclear weapons in ancient history for his protection and hunting purposes from time immemorial, which evolved from stones and sticks to – swords, daggers and bows and arrows, and other weapons used by historic kings their armies.